10 Best Math Apps for Middle School That Make Learning Fun

10 Best Math Apps for Middle School That Make Learning Fun

There were approximately 50,000 instructional apps available to educators as of the latest count. Literacy, STEM, productivity, audiovisual, and other topics all have apps.

Some apps improve accessibility for kids with various learning difficulties, such as text to speech, voice to text, etc.

Let’s check them out:

1- Motion Math

This app “reduces the action to a fraction of a second”! It has received positive feedback from parents for its success in making fractions enjoyable.

Motion Math, created by Stanford School of Education for students in grades pre-k through 8, has a 5-star rating on EdSurge.

The program comes in variants that give an engaging learning experience that makes users forget they’re learning.

2- Dragon Box

Dragon Box claims to be able to “secretly” teach your children algebra, and it appears to work rather well: 83 percent of children learn the basics of algebra in just one hour with Dragon Box.

3- Prodigy Math Game

This app is complemented by a platform that its designers describe as “the world’s most engaging math platform.”

The program covers over 1,200 vital math topics for students in grades 1 through 8.

Children are placed in the appropriate grade based on diagnostic testing, allowing them to learn at their pace. Real-time reports are given so you can keep track of the user’s progress.

4- Pattern Shapes

Pattern Shapes makes it simple to learn about shape attributes, fractions, and how to make precise figures.

Students can measure angles, adjust the proportions and color of forms, and mark solutions using the virtual protractor.

The vivid colored shapes can encourage creative design, making it excellent for primary and middle school pupils.

5- Edupad

The Edupad 6th-grade math software includes a variety of grade-appropriate lessons and exercises that teach youngsters about operations, data analysis, algebraic structures, and geometry.

It’s no surprise that the app’s content corresponds to curricula: it was created by 6th-grade math teachers.

6- Geometry Pad

Students can use this virtual graph paper to create forms, charts, and other geometric elements. Students can alter the attributes of forms, zoom in, save their work, and make side notes.

Geometry Pad is a fantastic program that can be used with kids of all ages and in a variety of math classes.

7- MathBoard

MathBoard, designed to seem like a chalkboard, encourages children to solve math problems for themselves rather than guessing the solution.

It has a variety of modes, including multiple-choice and a mode where students can solve questions manually.

8- HoodaMath

HoodaMath has a wide range of games organized by grade level and topic. Students can play logic games like Goat Crossing and Simple Squares.

The games also include geometry games like Basket Balls and Rotate Roll, from a variety of genres.

9- Free Graphing Calculator PocketCAS lite

This program saves students and teachers money by eliminating the need to purchase individual graphing calculators.

It not only performs the same duties as a graphing calculator, but it also includes a 3-D plot feature.

10- Operation Math Code Squad

A multiplayer mode for up to four players is available in Math Code Squad. Students take on the roles of covert operatives tasked with stopping Dr. Odd – an evil genius bent on eradicating math from the world. The program is designed with multiple levels (easy, medium, and difficult) that increase in difficulty as pupils improve.

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