Top 10 Tips to Overcome TASC Math Anxiety

Top 10 Tips to Overcome TASC Math Anxiety

Do you think that by looking at the TASC test sheet, you will forget everything you know? Despite many studies, do you feel that you cannot answer the TASC math questions? One of the problems that many students face is not having a calm mind during the test. Math anxiety can lead to unpleasant effects as well as serious damage to students’ psyche. Therefore, controlling anxiety is a big step to achieving the best result in the TASC.

Join us to learn the best ways to deal with pressure and anxiety for the TASC math.

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1- Know what to expect

Learn about this test instead of blindly taking TASC. Learn about the test format to know what the math section covers. Familiarity with the TASC template can reduce your math anxiety and help you better prepare for this exam.

2- Start your preparations earlier

Preparation is an important factor. If you prepare early, your mind is calm and the TASC math anxiety will not bother you. If you try to learn everything in a short time, then you will put a lot of pressure and stress on your mind. It leads to math anxiety. Therefore, it is best to prepare yourself sooner to get rid of TASC math anxiety.

3- Join a study group

Finding a group of people who can help you understand the reason for math solves many of your problems. A group of people is a great company for people who suffer from anxiety.

4- Fight against negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are your biggest enemy, and you have to fight your negative thoughts to overcome math anxiety. The issue that creates negative thoughts is a lack of self-confidence. To deal with negative thoughts, you need to increase your self-confidence by making positive statements about yourself such as “I can do it.”

5- Face your fears

If there are certain types of math questions that may be on the TASC test that scare you, you can face them directly while studying by taking the test. This will help you learn how to better solve the questions so that they will be easier to answer during the actual exam.

You can also use this great prep book:

6- Solve the easy math problems first

Solving easy TASC math questions can initially significantly increase your focus on difficult math questions as well as your self-confidence. It can have a positive effect on your mind and send you the message “you know it” and “you can do it”, and reduce your stress.

7- Strengthen your math muscle

Many students think that good performance is inherent in mathematics, while it is through practice and repetition that math skills are strengthened. For example, as we strengthen our muscles with exercise, we can become stronger by practicing and repeating the TASC math.

8- Taking care of yourself

You cannot get rid of the stress of math unless you take care of yourself. To be a good student of TASC mathematics, you have to take care of yourself so that your mind can function fully.

9- Write about negative emotions

If you are overwhelmed with negative emotions before the TASC math test, write down what worries you. Research has shown that writing about experiential emotions before starting TASC math can greatly reduce your anxiety.

10- Get help from online tutoring

An online tutor can help you learn math in a way that suits you. So reduce your math anxiety with the help of a tutor.

It is good to know that it is normal to have a little stress for a test like TASC math. You can use the above strategies to overcome this level of anxiety and succeed in your TASC test. But if you feel that your level of anxiety has reached a level that cannot be controlled with the usual methods, be sure to consult a counselor in this field so that you can take the TASC math test with a calm mind.

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