The Best Webcams for Teachers and Online Students

The Best Webcams for Teachers and Online Students

Online classes are becoming more popular and are likely to continue well into the future due to their ease of access and inclusivity of people who have disabilities or lack transportation.

In order to successfully teach or attend online classes, it will be necessary to have a web camera with an appropriate picture to be easily seen, easy to set up and use, and lasts throughout your classes.

As online classes reach around the world using video calls brings a better level of connection and support than email only and allows the teacher to see the non-verbal cues of whether the material is being understood and it can result in better understanding and improved grades.

1- Logitech C920 Pro Stream Webcam

Logitech C920 Pro Stream webcam was created for easy streaming, high-quality picture, and video, and vastly outperforms the average built-in webcam on any computer.

It can record for playback later or send videos to be watched at their leisure, or it can stream live for any amount of time that you need.

Great for use with a whiteboard for demonstrations or examples as it keeps colors crisp and clear, with easy-to-use autofocus and a built-in microphone offering clear sound as well.

2- Razor Kiyo Streaming Webcam

For the best facial recognition, Razor Kiyo Streaming Webcam is a strong option. Used most often for online teaching and those working with makeup and the beauty industry.

With more individually controlled options it may not be the best for those just beginning to use more technology, but for advanced users, it provides more specific settings and has a range of options for colors and picture settings.

The built-in ring light offers good lighting in any location and ensures that your face will be easily recognizable when live-streaming and recording for future playback.

3- TedGem PC Webcam

TedGem PC Webcam is foldable, making it a useful tool for traveling teachers or those who teach from more than one location.

It can easily be folded down and placed in a laptop back or a backpack for easy portability. It is both affordable and easy to use with its built-in microphone and wide-angle lens that catches you and any whiteboard or other visuals that you need them to see, while automatically removing any background noises picked up by the mic.

Autofocus and plug and play functionality allow it to be easily used by anyone.

4- Mevo Start Live Event Camera

Field trips and other classroom events are also being streamed online to allow students to still have the experience when they can’t be there in person.

Mevo Start Live Event portable camera comes complete with an app for a cell phone to allow up to 6 hours of streaming or recording video.

It is easy to use and offers a world of new experiences for everyone in the class.

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