How to Get 800 on the SAT Math?

How to Get 800 on the SAT Math?

Studying all year can ensure that you learn the majority of the material but when test day comes it can feel different, and things can be harder to remember. There are ways to prepare for your SAT math exam that can help you even when all the studying leaves you stuck. As a multiple-choice test, there are a few methods that can help the test-taker to improve scores in all areas. These methods are skipping a question when you need it and try to go back to it at the end, rereading the question to pull out vital pieces of information, offering solutions so you can work backward, and the ability to guess when you are out of other options.

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Know The Material

No matter the other skills or methods you use, knowing the material is the best way to ensure you do well. Practice until you are confident in solving problems on the first attempt so you can save time doing them over, and be comfortable with the content of your classes and tests.

Skip Questions You Can’t Solve

When you come upon a question that is taking too long or has frustrated you, move to the next question and go back to do it at the end. This removes the stress of the moment and when you return to complete it later you will have a fresh attempt. The break can allow you a fresh approach and may help you solve it quickly the second time.

Reread Questions

It is recommended to read each question once to get the general details and basics, then read it a second time to confirm all the details and clarify what it is asking. If you are getting the wrong answer then read it through slowly one more time to be sure the details you noted are correct, and if necessary abandon it until the end and go back after you finish the rest of the exam.

Work Backwards

With a multiple-choice question the answer is within the options, so plug the answer that seems right or is closest to the answer you got and work backward. This will provide an alternative method for finding the solution and can help to point out any errors you had made, and working backward provides a different view of the question.

Use Paper to Write Out Each Step

While it may seem faster to do multiple steps at a time on the calculator it can slow you down in the end. By writing each step out on paper and noting each calculation you can easily and quickly check calculations to double-check the result. This is much faster than reworking the entire question a second time and you will often find the mistake quickly and make a correction.

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