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Triangles are closed shapes having three \(3\) angles, three sides, as well as three vertices.

Triangles with \(3\) vertices say \(P, Q,\) and \(R\) are characterized as \(△PQR\). It’s additionally called a \(3\)-sided polygon or a trigon.

Crucial properties of triangles are shown here:

  • Triangles have\(3\) sides, angles, and vertices.
  • The angle total property of a triangle says the amount of the \(3\) inner triangles is constantly \(180°\). Like with any particular triangle \(PQR\), the angle \(P +\) angle \(Q +\) angle \(R = 180°\).
  • Triangle’s inequality property says the amount of the two sides’ length for triangles is bigger than the \(3\)rd side.
  • Like in the Pythagorean theorem, with a right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse equates to the quantity of the squares of the additional \(2\) sides such as \((Hypotenuse² = Base² + Altitude²)\).
  • The side which is opposite the larger angle is the one that is the longest.
  • The outer angle’s property of a triangle says the outer triangle angle always is equivalent to the total of the inside opposite angles.

Triangles can be classified based on angles and sides:

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Right Triangles

A right angle’s definition says if one of the triangle’s angles is a right angle – \(90º\), it’s known as a right-angled triangle or merely, a right triangle.

Several critical properties characterize and assist in identifying right triangles.

  • The biggest angle is constantly \(90º\).
  • The biggest side is known as a hypotenuse, and constantly it’s the side opposite of a right angle.
  • The Pythagoras rule governs the dimensions of the sides.
  • It can’t contain an obtuse angle.

Acute triangles:

Acute triangles are those classified based on the angles’ measurements. Should every inner angle in the triangle be lower than \(90°\), it’s an acute triangle.

Acute Angle Triangles’ properties are:

  • Based on the angle’s sum property, all \(3\) inner angles of the acute triangle combine to form \(180°\).
  • Triangles can’t be both right-angled triangles and acute-angled triangles all at once.
  • Triangles can’t be acute-angled triangles as well as obtuse-angled triangles all at once.
  • The angle’s property of an acute triangle declares the inner angles of acute triangles are constantly fewer than \(90°\) or are in-between (\(0°\) to \(90°\)).
  • The side that is opposite to the tiniest angle is the tiniest triangle side.

Obtuse Triangles:

Within geometry, obtuse scalene triangles are defined as triangles with one angle measuring over \(90\) degrees, yet lower than \(180\) degrees, plus the additional \(2\) angles are a smaller amount than \(90\) degrees. All \(3\) sides, as well as the angles, vary in length.

The properties of obtuse scalene triangles are:

  • They have \(2\) acute angles as well as \(1\) obtuse angle.
  • All its sides and angles are distinct in measurement.
  • The total of all \(3\) inner angles equal \(180°\).

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Triangles – Example 1:

Find the measure of the unknown angle in the triangle


The sum of the inner angles of a triangle is \(180°\). So, \(90°\)\(+\)\(45^°\)\(=\)\(135^°\)\(→\)\(180^°\)\(-\) \(135^°\) \(=\) \(45^°\) . The unknown angle is \(45^°\)

Triangles – Example 1:

Find the measure of the unknown angle in the triangle


The sum of the inner angles of a triangle is \(180°\). So, \(120°\)\(+\)\(35^°\)\(=\)\(155^°\)\(→\)\(180^°\)\(-\) \(155^°\) \(=\) \(25^°\) . The unknown angle is \(25^°\)

Exercises for Triangles

Find the measure of the unknown angle in each triangle.



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is answers.png
  • \(\color{blue}{70^°}\)
  • \(\color{blue}{30^°}\)

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