What if I Fail the CBEST Test?

What if I Fail the CBEST Test?

If you take the CBEST test, you may be stressed that if I will not pass the exam, what happens? Join us to answer this question.

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The California Basic Educational Skills Test or CBEST is a test that is given to those in Oregon and California who wish to become a teacher in a public school. The CBEST test divide into three sections, which include:

The score required to pass the CBEST test is 123. It is the sum of your total scores in all three subtests. Although the passing score of the subtest is 41, you can score up to 37 points in one or two subtests and still get an overall passing score. To do this, you must earn more points in the remaining subtest (s) to compensate for the points. You will pass CBEST as long as no sub-test score is below 37 and your total score is 123.

But what happens if you do not pass the CBEST test? You can retake any or all of these subtests as many times as you need to get a passing score. The only limitation is a waiting period after your last attempt – 45 days must pass before you can sit for any retakes. If you first registered to take all three subtests at the same time and only need to retake one or two subtests, you will still have to wait 45 days.

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