Top 10 Tips to Overcome HiSET Math Anxiety

Top 10 Tips to Overcome HiSET Math Anxiety

One of the problems that many of us face is not having a calm mind during exams. Mathematical anxiety can lead to unpleasant results as well as serious damage to our psyche. Therefore, controlling anxiety is a big step towards achieving the best results in exams like HiSET.

Join us to learn the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety for the HiSET math.

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1- Change your attitude

The first and most important point is that you do not have negative feelings about HiSET mathematics. If you always tell yourself you don’t like math, increase your math anxiety. If you find HiSET math boring, use fun methods to learn math.

2- Start your preparations earlier

Preparation is an important factor. If you prepare early, your mind is calm, and your math anxiety does not bother you. If you try to learn everything in a short time, it will put a lot of pressure on your mind. It leads to math anxiety. Therefore, it is better to prepare for HiSET math early to get rid of math anxiety.

3- Review regularly

Because you started preparing for HiSET math early, the topics you cover at the beginning are forgotten by the end of the list – unless you review them periodically.

4- Divert your mind onto something else

Diverting your mind can reduce the problems you face. Directing your mind to something else, such as physical activity or mental activity, can help you avoid HiSET math anxiety. You can run around the house, write short poems, talk to your friend and play to relax.

5- Solve the easy problems first

Solving easy math questions at first can significantly increase your time to focus on hard questions as well as your self-confidence. It can have a positive effect on your mind and send you the message “I did it”, “I know it”, and “I can do it”.

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6- Stay healthy

Taking care of yourself is very important when you prepare for HiSET math. Make sure you get enough sleep because sleep is so important to your brain. Eat healthy food – do not diet and do not eat too much junk food. Keep your food balanced and satisfied. Take time to rest and relax.

7- Study with others

Sometimes working with a group can be much more effective than individual study. If you have friends like you who want to take the HiSET, meet to study math and compare notes. Group study can improve your weaknesses and reduce your math anxiety.

8- Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath as your heart begins to pound and negative thoughts begin to crawl. Aside from clearing your head, deep breathing lowers your heart rate and blood pressure and improves your ability to concentrate.

9- Organize your desk

Although you may not realize it, a clean desk in a quiet space will make your study much easier! If you do not have such an area at home, a library or similar space is a great alternative. Make sure that any space you choose is not only quiet but also free from any possible distractions.

10- Thinking about your success

Self-visualization is the best way to get rid of HiSET math anxiety. Nothing is more successful than the thought of achieving goals and objectives.  To master math, you need to think about achieving the goal of imagining that you have solved all the questions with confidence and in the right way.

It is good to know that it is normal to have a little stress for an experiment like HiSET math. To overcome this level of math anxiety, you can use the tips and strategies listed above and complete your HiSET math. But if you feel that your level of anxiety has reached a level that cannot be controlled with the usual methods, be sure to consult with an expert in this field so that you can safely take the HiSET math test.

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Beside practiceing and studying to research the concepts of HiSET math and then taken the HiSET math practice test, you need to be fully prepared for test day. Here EffortlessMath team prepared some important HiSET Math-Test Day Tips for you.

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