Meet the Key Reasons to Start Learning Math Now

Meet the Key Reasons to Start Learning Math Now

If you think that math is boring, you should change your mind. In this article, we will talk about the main reasons why you should study math.

Math and Motivation: 9 Reasons to Study Mathematics

If people lack motivation, they will never be willing to progress. Unmotivated individuals always try to find lame excuses not to do homework. Procrastination leads to failures that will result in total degradation.

How to start learning a subject that seems to be unnecessary and not interesting for me and my life plans? Read about the top 8 reasons that show how essential for every person it is to learn Math.

Reason#1. Logical Thinking

All professional mathematicians are great strategists. They can think the situation through and find the best solution or approach to it.

Besides, the latest research proved the positive influence of calculations and task solutions on brains, especially on the volume of gray matter. Such people are great problem-solvers, which is one of the most demanded soft skills for employers in 2021.

Reason#2. Successful Budgeting

Millions of people worldwide can hardly survive till their salary days. They borrow money to cover bills, commutes, shopping, and health problems.

Sometimes, it is enough to plan financial expenses and not pay for things that are not of the first necessity. So, experts recommend budgeting and following the planned amount per day/week unless something unpredictable happens (broken things, illness, etc.).

Financial experts also recommend saving money for emergencies. Budgeting shows how people can reduce expenses to manage living till the salary day and further.

Reason#3. Tastier Cooking

It is not a secret that chef cooks know the required proportion of ingredients to get the best taste. Not every housewife has kitchen scales and a measuring cup. So, people should know how to measure to keep the recipe.

For example, a spoon of sauce weighs 15 grams according to the universal measuring table. So, if a person needs 30 grams, it will mean adding 2 spoons. The same happens when the recipe is for 2 people, and you must feed 8. In this case, you will need to take ingredients 4 times more.

Reason#4. Career Necessity

Almost all professions require Math knowledge. A shop owner must calculate how much food to order, what prices to post on a website to avoid bankruptcy and beat rivals, and how to test customers’ feedback to improve the service. Doctors must decide what dosage to prescribe to help and not hurt the patient. The sample list is endless, but nobody speaks about that unless the person starts working and faces calculus problems.

Reason#5. Life Becomes Simpler

How much time do you need to do your Algebra assignment? Or split the bill or a pizza for 5 friends? Maths helps to do that quicker and more effectively.

Those who can count without measuring tools and calculators do not worry about cheating that might happen when shopping. They know what sum to expect in their checks and if the discount is beneficial.

Reason#6. You Become Healthier

It is not a secret that to lose weight we should eat fewer calories than burn. Many apps let us count calories and activities, but we need some basics to do that as well. For example, we should know how to calculate the basal metabolic rate and add activities to compare them with the consumed amount of calories.

When one is good at counting, it will be easier to measure portions when there are no scales or a list of ingredients available. One can make an approximate conclusion while using only Internet data.

Reason#7. Shopping Benefits

Sometimes people see discounts and start shopping. They do not read between the lines and fail to save. As a result, they waste more than they can afford. For example, the price is $400 with a 20% discount for a dress and a 4% discount for jeans. Someone will buy both items because they do not understand how much that is and how much the counter will demand.

Some shops-assistants can cheat when they see that the person does not understand what is going on. A person can expect $300 for everything but will need to spend $320+$384=$704!

Some shops offer wholesale online. Before buying, a person should compare prices on different websites and calculate the discount to know if it is worth it (just like in the case of a 4% discount for jeans that were only $16). A math person controls the budget and knows how much he or she can afford.

Reason#8. Dieting or Medication Is Correct

When a person gets sick or starts leading a healthy lifestyle, it will be necessary to plan a day to eat (having 2-3 hours intervals 5 times a day and not before sleep) and take pills before and after meals at the same time every day.

For example, antibiotics must be taken with 12-hour breaks (8 AM and 8 PM) at the same time during treatment. Between them, a person might take other drugs that also require breaks. Consequently, timing is a must here, otherwise, there would be an overdose, zero results, or side effects.

Reason#9. Cheaper Professional Assistance

If students are bad at timing, they will ask to “do my math homework for me” at the last moment, which will exceed the price. Time management helps to predict the required time and do everything in advance. Thanks to that, a person will manage deadlines without financial losses.

Math is everywhere. Buildings, projects, shopping, salaries, and even nature cannot do without them. So, learn Maths to live smarter.

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