Best SAT Math Prep Books

Best SAT Math Prep Books

Scholastic Aptitude Test also known as SAT is a standardized college admission exam undertaken by students in the United States.

The exam’s goal is to assess students’ college preparedness by assessing their reading, writing, comprehension, and math skill.

Are you processing admission into any college in the United States? If so, then be prepared to write the SAT exam — a Paper-based Standardized Test. Relax! You don’t have to worry. Despite the anxiety, many students still succeed.

Is it compulsory? Yes, it is. Its purpose is to test applicants’ skills in writing, critical reading, and Mathematics.

This article will reveal what you can do to score above the cutoff mark. So relax and go through the list of the best SAT Math Prep books.

Four Best  SAT Math Prep Books

Below is a list of the 4 best SAT Math Prep Books you can get.

1- SAT Math for Beginners: The Ultimate step-by-step Guide to preparing For the SAT Math Test

This book is a good choice for students of any level. It is authored by an expert. The lessons are very easy to understand.

The book covers all SAT Math topics and concepts. The answers are well-explanatory, and it’s of the latest version.

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2- The College Panda’s SAT Math: Advanced Workbook and Guide for the New SAT

This is one of the books you should go for if you want to sit for the SAT Math test.

It contains over 500 past practice questions and explanations to help you understand each topic. It also has customized and well-explained content.

It has a good study tool and guide. It also explains the most common errors students often make. Guess what? It is pocket-friendly! So in no time, you’ll be studying the best SAT Math Prep Book with success at heart.

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3- PWN The SAT: Math Guide

Here is another book that can help you with your SAT Math test. This book is designed to boost Your SAT Math score.

It is well structured and has questions with several methods. This allows you to choose and learn which is most convenient for you. Video solutions are also available at affordable prices.

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4- SAT Math Full Study Guide

This book has been used by lots of SAT Math test takers and it resulted in success so far. It contains math instructions that help you to master the SAT Math topics.

It also has Math skills-building exercises with well-described answers that are written by experts. Apart from its great features, it is also available at an affordable price.

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SAT Prep Books Comparison Table (2023)

RankTitlePublisher# of PagesPractice testOnline materialPrice
#1SAT Math for BeginnersEffortless Math Education304 pages2 full-length practice testsYes$14.99
#2The College Panda’s SAT MathCollege Panda, The322 pagesNoNo$25.99
#3 PWN the SAT: Math Guide CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
366 pages
#4SAT Math Full Study GuideEffortless Math Education266 pages2 full-length practice testsYes$14.99

SAT Math Test Requirements

Like every other test, SAT Math test has its duration. It is usually 3 hours without the essay but if the essay is included, it becomes 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Grading in SAT is on a scale of 200-800 points, on each of the two sections is 400-1600 points.


Most students are scared to take SAT Math Test. However, if you can get one book out of the four recommended in this article, success becomes easily achievable.

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