Ace the Math Subtests of the ASVAB Test

Ace the Math Subtests of the ASVAB Test

If you want to learn how to ace the math subtests of the ASVAB test, then we have some quick and easy pointers for you, without any extra fluff to distract you from your goal.

Acing the ASVAB will require you to pass two different math subtests with flying colors.

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What are the Tests and What’s on them?

The two math subtests you must pass are Arithmetic Reasoning which consists of arithmetic word problems, and Math Knowledge which tests a variety of areas from your high school math classes.

General areas you will need to know are:

Recommended Steps to Ace the ASVAB Math Subtests

Practice Tests

Start with a few practice tests so that you can understand what areas you are lacking in. Don’t just do one, taking a few tests will give you a real insight into which areas you continually have problems with. This will allow you to prioritize those areas when studying.

Focus on Problem Areas

Your time may be limited, and there isn’t much point in spending a lot of time studying topics you already have a good understanding of. Using the information you got from your practice tests, you should be able to find the areas in the test which you need to focus on.

When studying, make sure you prioritize these areas, start with the first, and spend the most time on them.

Memorize Order of Operations

One of the most common reasons for an incorrect answer is not following the order of operations. Start with everything in parentheses, then exponents, then multiplication and division, and finally addition and subtraction.

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Memorize Common Math Formulas

There are no math formulas provided during your test, so you need to know and remember the most common ones.

Find a good study guide with the required math formulas and start working on memorizing them. A good list of formulas can be found here: ASVAB math formulas.

Use Scratch Paper

Calculators are not allowed on the test, but you can work out your answers on scratch paper. Practice with scratch paper and use it during the test to ensure you understand and work out the correct answer. Don’t try to work everything out in your head, or you could make mistakes.

Test Each Possible Answer

If you don’t know the answer to a question, test out each possible answer. Then, plug each answer into the equation from the question and see if it works or makes sense. At the very least, you may be able to exclude some of the answers and then have a better chance of picking the correct answer.

Final Thoughts

You can’t fail the ASVAB test, but you may not get your best possible score if you don’t prepare, study, and follow the steps listed above. Ensure you don’t limit yourself by not adequately preparing.

Find a good study guide, spend as much time as possible studying and going over practice tests, and you should give yourself the best score possible you.

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