Top 10 Tips to ACE the ISEE Math Test

Top 10 Tips to ACE the ISEE Math Test

If you want to succeed in the ISEE math test, simple but important tips can greatly improve your performance during the test. Join us in this article to give you 10 effective tips for passing the ISEE math test.

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1- Start with easy questions

Some math questions are easier. Some students think they have to answer difficult questions. But the best way to answer math questions is easy for you. By doing this, you have been able to get a significant score on the ISEE with the least effort. You can also be more confident in answering the remaining difficult math questions.

2- Read carefully

One of the most common mistakes in ISEE math is to misread a question, which is usually due to speed reading. To avoid careless mistakes, be sure to spend a few more seconds on each math question. Pay attention to the keywords in the math questions and underline them. It includes words and numbers indicating the relationships, quantities, and calculations (twice, less than, product) that you’ll need to answer the question. Words like not can be easily forgotten, and what you are about to find in this question will change completely!

3- Answer every math question

There are no penalties for incorrect answers in ISEE math, so be sure to answer every question and guess if necessary. In each section, use the last few minutes to mark each question.

4- Work backward

For some math questions, the jump point is in the answers. Take advantage of the fact that ISEE gives you more information than a question: it also gives you answer options, one of which you know must be the correct answer!

For questions with an unknown value, you can replace the answer options with an unknown value to see which one is correct. Always start by choosing the middle answer choice to minimize the number of answers you have to replace.

5- Estimate

An estimation is a powerful tool for eliminating incorrect answers. For each question, decide what you think is the right answer before you start solving. Think of things like positive or negative, an integer or a fraction, bigger or smaller than the other numbers in the question. Sometimes the question will even include clues that you should estimate, like approximately or about, but even without these words, always estimate first.

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6- Pick values

Sometimes, the math questions you see on the Math Achievement and Quantitative Reasoning parts may seem very challenging to solve abstractly. The question may ask how an unknown quantity will change if it undergoes a couple of percent changes, or to solve for one variable in terms of others. In cases like these, using actual numbers to determine the answer can be helpful, rather than trying to solve algebraically.

7- Keep a calm mind during the ISEE test

Stress is normal for test-takers. However, remind yourself not to worry. If the ISEE test is difficult, the same is true for other testers. The important thing is that you have already done your best, and now the unnecessary worry is ruining everything. If you are anxious during the test session, you can use the test break methods and pause the test for a few moments. First, take a deep breath, stay in this position for a few seconds, then exhale completely and repeat up to 3 times.

8- Do not waste your time with difficult questions

Use your time during the test. Hanging on to a single math question will only work against you. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, make your best guess and mark the question so you can review it later. There is no reason to spend time trying to solve a problem that you are not sure about. Your time is better spent on questions that you can solve. Also, keep in mind that there is no penalty in this test for guessing or getting the wrong answer. Just remember, do not leave blank and answer.

9- Check the answer again

For every ISEE math problem, after you finish solving, look back at what the question was asking you to find. Make sure this matches your answer.

10- Be aware of your time

Time management is something that almost everyone who takes the ISEE should be aware of, and it can be a particular issue in ISEE math. Not getting all the ISEE math questions can make it difficult for you to get the desired score so pay attention to your time during the ISEE math.

The best way to get faster in ISEE math is to do a lot of exercises. As you answer more practice questions, you will become familiar with the style of questions asked in ISEE math, and the types of tricks that test authors try to use.

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