How to Manage Your Time Effectively on the ISEE Math Test?

How to Manage Your Time Effectively on the ISEE Math Test?

Time management is one of the most important tasks that every test-takers in the test should pay attention to. Test candidates must manage time well during the month leading up to the test and the day of the ISEE math test so that no questions are answered due to lack of time. Given the importance of time management in the ISEE math test, test time management techniques are discussed below.

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1- Practice math a lot to be more prepared

The most important thing about how to manage time in the ISEE math test is to practice a lot. It can be hard, but you seriously need to practice time management techniques over and over again. Practicing time management may even be more important than practicing answering ISEE questions. It means that instead of just practice questions, you should practice all of them in situations like the ISEE exam. When practicing, try to choose a more time limit for yourself than what is normally considered for the ISEE test.

2- Take the same amount of time for each question

Each question on ISEE math carries equal weight, so even students who are worried about questions they do not know, should not dwell on it. Instead, they can circle the question number on their scantron or question booklet so they know to come back to it later and move on to the next math question.

3- Stay calm and don’t panic

Stress is one of the main enemies that take your time easily. You need to stay calm and avoid anything that would scare you on the day of the test. Go to the test site on time and be calm to start the test. If you see a math question you can’t solve, don’t stress. Just go to the next question. The important thing is to do your best. Do not let the fear of success distract you.

4- Take shortcuts whenever you can

It is important to write very neatly at school, show each step, and work through problems the long way. However, in ISEE, no one but you is supposed to see your work! To save time in math, use shortcuts such as estimating, working backward from the answer choices, and plugging in numbers to save yourself time on the math section.

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5- Do not erase computations in your test book

This is a waste of a lot of time. You can cross out calculations you no longer want to consider. It is faster than trying to erase with a pencil, especially if you have written a long formula.

6- Skip hard questions

Your focus for the math section of the ISEE test should be getting as many questions right as possible. (Remember, each question is worth the same amount, no matter how difficult it is.) The best way to achieve this is to answer the questions that are easier first and save the hard questions for the end of the section.

7- Don’t worry about routing to anyone else

Ignore others in the room as much as possible while you’re taking your ISEE test. If you worry about how slow or fast other people are taking the test, you will lose focus. Just focus on your ISEE test and ignore the steps others take. Your ISEE math test and your goals are all important.

The key to effective time management in the ISEE math test is a lot of practice that speeds up your practice. The rest of the tips will only help you succeed if you practice hard.

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