ACCUPLACER Math – Test Day Tips

ACCUPLACER Math – Test Day Tips

Whether Accuplacer or SAT, all tests and exams follow the same rules: use previous knowledge to answer all questions effectively and correctly. The Accuplacer is an untimed test that gives you all the time you need to test out of. With test day fast approaching, here is a comprehensive list of simple strategies to facilitate Accuplacer:

The Night Before the Test!

Eat a great meal

Make a special effort to cook yourself a meal that is right for you. I do not recommend “brain food” such as nuts or oily fish, but a meal that you can eat if you were celebrating and wanted to ruin yourself, such as steak and chocolate tart. It makes you feel happy and strengthens you for the next day.


Do something fun like watch a comedy show, start a contest, or fiddling around with photos on Instagram. Laughing calms you down, reduces stress, and helps you sleep better.

Be sure to wake up on time

Set an alarm. Adjust two. If you are still worried, ask a family member or friend to check. Just make sure you take the test in time.

Get ready for the morning

When you wake up on exam day, you no longer want to worry about anything. That’s why preparing a night before is a good idea. This can include packing snacks, preparing breakfast in advance, and even picking up your clothes. You can also pack your bag with the items you need (such as a pen, paper, eraser, and pencil) to be ready to go when you wake up.

Use your moments wisely

A few minutes before turning off the lights is a great time to memorize. Learning before bed significantly improves memory – so read the most important facts, equations, or words quickly when you are in bed. Then turn off.

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On Test Day!

Eat a healthy breakfast 

Eat a balanced breakfast on exam morning! On the morning of the exam, eating healthy food gives you energy so that you can get it through tests. Yogurt with granola, milk, and cereal, a fruit smoothie, scrambled eggs are all good options!

Dress appropriately

The key here is not to get distracted by being uncomfortable. If the exam room is cold, wear clothes that you are comfortable in and wear a jacket. To minimize distractions, avoid clothes made of noisy materials and jewelry that may dangle against the table.

Get out of the house early

If there is never an unexpected event or train delay, it certainly happens that you have to be somewhere at a certain time. Leave a little earlier than usual to make sure you arrive on time and avoid last-minute panic. If you arrive early, take some time to have a coffee and relax.

Think positive

Even if you do not feel ready, a negative conversation with yourself, such as “If I fail, my life will be ruined” will not help. Instead, try to imagine that you are in the test and feel confident. Avoid other students who are stressed before the exam – a negative can be contagious.

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During the Test!

Use space

When in the exam room, sit back and relax. It has been proven that when we grow physically bigger, by opening our arms or leaning on a chair, it releases a type of hormone that boosts our self-confidence. It works – we promise.


You probably do not know the answer to every question because these tests are designed to test your skill level in several areas. So do not stress, just breathe. Make an educated guess and come back later if you have time.

First, read the questions

If you go back to your topic, it will be useful for you to read the direct question in the English and math sections before looking at the large sections or charts. This helps you get vital information: What are you trying to answer? If you have a large paragraph to deal with, take a quick look at the related questions (there is probably more than one question).

This way, instead of reading the literature section or a complex math diagram and considering every ounce of detail (because all information can be part of the question!), You can scan the section for the necessary details. Most of the time, the answer you are looking for is in a small part of a vast array of information.

Delete incorrect answers

Well, test day and you are in the first question. Multiple choice seems a bit tedious. What are you doing? Well, delete items that just don’t fit! For each question, there is probably at least one completely wrong answer, so always put it on your list of possible answers immediately.

The rest of the wrong answers are probably a bit incorrect, so more process is needed to remove them. But working backward like this is a guaranteed way to find the right answer! It is much easier to check the difference between two answers than four answers.

Look for evidence

Undoubtedly, there will be many answers to a question that seems right. But do not fall into this trap! These answers are for traveling to people who were careless enough not to read the details. If you immediately jump to an answer, ask yourself: Why am I right? If you do not find any evidence to support this, it may be incorrect.

This may be an easier strategy to implement in math. For these cases, you can plug your answer back into the equation. Is the answer correct? Check with some quick math on your paper or calculator (if it’s allowed). It only reinforces your reality, and also, acts as a way to check your answer! It may even be helpful to return to the more difficult questions later and review those answers for the third time.

Write down what you want

Sometimes, when you panic and try to solve it through a difficult question, you can lose what even the question asks! Helps write down the question, so, even in the middle of a long equation, you remember what you are solving for! Underline the keywords in the English sections (especially those complex negative questions) so that you do not choose the opposite answer.

Take your time

Many unnecessary test stresses are caused by students who are worried about completing the test on time. Remember, Accuplacer is untimed! Although we do not recommend spending six hours on the exam, it won’t hurt you to pace yourself, check the three answers, and slowly read the passages and questions.


Check again, read again, underline again! There is no penalty for reading questions very carefully or marking scrap papers with a pencil. It helps to resolve the questions that you have completed to see if you have reached the same answer. Cover up the answers to the question, and look at it with a pair of fresh eyes. You may have slipped in a certain equation or term, and these changes can significantly change your score!

After the exam!

Reward yourself

What you think you have nailed and what you have not done so well, nothing you say or do after the exam will change your answers so there is no point for debate. Instead, reward yourself with something you enjoy doing, such as shopping, running, or catching up with friends.

Reflect on your experience

After enjoying the short time, be sure to reflect on your exam so that you can build your strengths and learn from your mistakes. Ask yourself questions like “was I prepared enough?” “Did stress hinder my performance?” “Did I manage my time effectively?” and “Did I answer the questions raised?” Knowing your weaknesses/ strengths will help you perform better in the subsequent tests.

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