Number Properties Puzzle – Challenge 3

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Number Properties Puzzle – Challenge 3


In the figure above, the sum of the values of the numbers inside two rectangular that connected with a line equals to three (For example \(\frac{3}{4 }+\frac{ 9}{4} = 3\)), what is the sum of numbers inside all rectangular?

A- \(9\frac{1}{4}\)

B- \(9\frac{3}{4}\)

C- \(11\frac{1}{4}\)

D- \(11\frac{3}{4}\)

E- \(12\)

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The correct answer is B.

Write the values of all rectangular and add them.
\(\frac{3}{4} + \frac{9}{4} + \frac{3}{4} + \frac{9}{4} +\frac{ 3}{4 }+ \frac{9}{4 }+ \frac{3}{4 }= 9 \frac{3}{4}\)

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