TSI Math-Test Day Tips

TSI Math-Test Day Tips

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment or TSI is a state assessment test to determine a university’s readiness. All Texas College entrance students must use the TSI unless they are exempt under certain conditions. Students’ scores on this test show whether the student needs remedial classes.

The TSI Assessment consists of three sections:

  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Writing

This test consists of multiple-choice questions, although the writing section includes an essay question. The math section consists of 20 questions and covers geometry, algebra, and data analysis at both basic levels and intermediate.

You have prepared for the TSI test by planning and studying. Now is the day for the exam. Have the best performance on the day of the test by reading these important points.

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The Night before the Test!

Eat a great meal

Try to cook a good meal for yourself. Brain food is not recommended like oily fish or nuts, but a meal you’d have if you were celebrating and wanted to spoil yourself, such as steak and chocolate tart. It gives you feel happy, and you prepare for the next day.


Do something fun like watch a comedy show or play a game. Laughing reduces your stress, calms you down, and helps you sleep better.

Pack your bag

Prepare everything the night before so you can spend the morning of the exam eating a healthy breakfast and reading a book to wake up your brain. Essential items usually include an admission ticket, two No. 2 pencils, an eraser, and a verified ID.

Check test center info

Make sure you know where you are going! The morning of the TSI test is not time to figure out how long it takes to get to the test center.

Make sure you wake up

Set the alarm. Set two. If you are still worried, ask a family member or friend to wake you up. Just make sure you get to the exam in plenty of time.

Get enough sleep

If you do only one thing, it is this: get enough sleep the night before the exam. Deep sleep is very important for your memory formation. During adequate sleep, new connections are made between brain cells and create memories of your day. Aim eight hours before the big day to reach the optimal number of deep sleep cycles that boost memory. After a hard day of learning and studying, have a good night’s rest, as it helps your brain store as much information as possible.

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On Test Day!

Eat a power breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal because it can either make or break your day. A high-performance breakfast is a good source of protein for alertness (eggs or Greek yogurt), whole-grain carbohydrates for sustained mental energy (porridge is great), and fruits or vegetables for maximum brainpower.

Wear appropriate dress

Be comfortable. One way to stay comfortable is to dress properly, as the exam room may be too cold or too hot for you.

Arrive early

Plan to arrive sooner. It is recommended to go to the test center at least one hour early because you never know what will happen, whether the traffic is improper, the tire is punctured or, the speed ticket is not allowed.

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During the Test!

Read the math questions carefully

Try not to answer the question directly, take a few moments to understand the information first! Review at least twice the question and underline relevant information that can be helpful.

Translate keywords into the math

When taking the TSI math test, it is important to understand the numerical ideas hidden under the question. Then interpret the catchphrases and expressions into mathematical operations. The next step is to use your math knowledge to solve problems.

Match your answer with the options

Sometimes, TSI math answer options are not expressed in their simplest form of expression. You may have solved the question correctly, although the answer may not appear in the options provided. If you are positive about the answer and there is no option for that, try to rewrite it. If you express it differently, it may match one of the available answer options.

Review your answers

Review the question again before submitting an answer for each question. It is worth rechecking to make sure you have not made any stupid mistakes.

Remember to breathe

Whenever you feel fear or stress during the test, drop your pencil and take a few deep breaths. Deep breathing helps you clear your mind and fill your blood with oxygen.

After the Test!

Do not think about it after the exam because you cannot do anything. You only stress yourself by thinking. So enjoy spending time with friends, watching movies, or anything else you enjoy.

Congratulations if you pass the exam! If you do not pass do not be upset. Prepare for the next test with a lot of planning and practice.

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