TExES Core Subjects Math- Test Day Tips

TExES Core Subjects Math- Test Day Tips

Candidates for the Texas Teacher Certificate must meet the Texas Teacher Examinations of Educator Standards or TExES. The TExES Core Subjects test determines the knowledge and skills needed to teach from childhood to grade 6 in the public schools of Texas.

The TExES Core Subjects EC–6 (291) exam is divided into the following tests:

  • English Language Arts and Reading & the Science of Teaching Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Fine Arts, Health and Physical Education

The math section makes up 18% of the TExES Core Subjects test with 47 questions. Test-takers have 60 minutes to complete this part of the test.

You have prepared for the TExES Core Subjects test. And now is the time to learn the important points on the day of the TExES Core Subjects test. Here are some helpful tips for you. So join us!

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The Night before the Test!


There are many good reasons not to study before test day. Marathons do not run before race day, and mental marathons like yours should not study for more than an hour a day before taking the TExES math. Your brain needs to relax to do its best. Read a book or hang out with one or two friends.

Have a healthy dinner

Drink plenty of water and get complex carbohydrates, just like marathon runners do: potatoes, pasta, and rice are good choices here, as well as protein and vegetables.

Organize your bag for test day

Prepare everything the night before so that you cannot have stress in the morning, and you can spend the morning of the exam eating spend a healthy breakfast, and reading a book to wake up your brain. Required items usually involve an admission ticket, a verified ID, two No. 2 pencils, and an eraser.

Prepare your transportation plan

Make sure you know how to get to the test center. Find out the route, parking details, and train, bus, or metro schedule.

Get a good night’s sleep

Be sure to go to bed early the night before the test so, that you do not feel drowsy in the morning. Plan to get seven to nine hours of sleep and wake up at least an hour before the TExES Core test. Therefore, your brain is alert until it gets there.

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On Test Day!

Eat a healthy breakfast

Eating a healthy and satisfying breakfast before attending TExES Core Subjects is also very important. It is a way you will feel more awake and energetic before taking the test.

Wear appropriate dress

Feel free. One way to stay comfortable is to dress appropriately, as the exam room may be too cold or too hot for you.

Arrive early

Plan to arrive sooner. It is recommended that you go to the test center at least an hour early because you never know what will happen!

Think positive

A positive attitude is a powerful thing you can do with confidence in your abilities. It will increase your energy and motivation for success.

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During the Test!

Read every question and every answer

While this strategy might seem like common sense, you will be amazed at how many people get TExES test anxiety and forget to read questions all the way through.  With the pressure of your career riding on your results, it is easy to rush through the TExES exam and not read through each question and answer choice. It is a common mistake – slowing down can significantly improve your score.

Skip difficult questions

Sometimes, everything does not click, and there is no problem. Just continue and return to the question later. Most of the time you will find that this is easy, and your brain just needs to be reset!

Answer every question

Some standardized tests do not penalize you for leaving questions blank. However, the TExES exam will penalize you for an incomplete item. It behooves aspiring teachers to answer every question on the test, even if they’re not sure of the correct answer. When blank and wrong answers are equally punished, there’s no risk in guessing! It’s always a good idea to make an educated guess instead of a completely random one.

Remember to breathe

During the test, drop your pencil and take a few deep breaths whenever you feel fear or stress. With deep breathing, you can clear your mind and fill your blood with oxygen.

After the Test!

It does not make sense to ask yourself about the answer and increase your stress level. The experiment is over, and it is time to relax. There is nothing that you can do about the TExES test. Your best work is to find something that makes you happy and find something you enjoy doing for the rest of the day.

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