How to Prepare for the OAR Math Test?

How to Prepare for the OAR Math Test?

The Officer Aptitude Rating (known as OAR) test is a subset of the larger Aviation Standard Test Battery (known as ASTB), administered at Navy Recruiting Districts (NRDs), is used by the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to select officer aviation program applicants.

The newest version of the OAR is series E.

The ASTB-E test is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military.

The ASTB is a multiple-choice test that consists of 7 subtests.

  • Section 1 – Math Skills Test (MST)
  • Section 2 – Reading Comprehension Test (RCT)
  • Section 3 – Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT)
  • Section 4 – Aviation and Nautical Information Test (ANIT)
  • Section 5 – Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory (NATFI)
  • Section 6 – Performance-Based Measures Battery (PBM)
  • Section 7 – Biographical Inventory with Response Validation (BI-RV)

The OAR includes the first three subtests: Math Skills Test (MST), Reading Comprehension Test (RCT), and Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT).

Most examinees take the entire test battery.

But, if you are seeking admittance to non-aviation officer programs, you have the option of taking only the OAR portion of the test.

The OAR is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT). It means that if the correct answer is chosen, the next question will be harder. If the answer given is incorrect, the next question will be easier. This also means that once an answer is selected on the CAT it cannot be changed.

The Mathematics section of OAR contains 20 to 30 multiple-choice questions that assess content in the following areas:

  • Number Sense and Operations
  • Algebra
  • Data, Statistics, And Probability
  • Geometry and Measurement

You have 40 minutes to complete the first (Math) section of the test.

The OAR test does not allow you to use a calculator, but a few formulas are provided for some questions.

How to Study for the OAR Math Test?

Are you going to take the OAR test but are too intimidated to start studying?

The OAR test, especially the math part, may seem overwhelming, but many people have succeeded in this test, so you can do it too. Do not worry, we are here to guide you step by step to prepare for the OAR Math Test.

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1. Choose your study program

Many prestigious OAR books and study guides can help you prepare for the test.

Most major test preparation companies have some offerings for the OAR, and the short-listing of the best book ends up being a puzzling phenomenon.

There are also many online OAR courses.

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It will help you brush up on your math skills, boost your confidence, and do your best to succeed on the OAR Test.

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You can also use our FREE OAR worksheets: OAR Math Worksheets

Have a look at our FREE OAR Worksheets to assess your knowledge of Mathematics, find your weak areas, and learn from your mistakes.

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2. Think of math positively

You know your strengths and weaknesses. One of the weaknesses of many unsuccessful test takers is that they hate studying maths. Do not let such negative attitudes take away your chances of success.

To pass the OAR Math Test, you must take the time to study math patiently so that you can get the result you want on the test.

3. Make the concepts clear

At the beginning of your math study, you need to know the areas you need to focus on.

Therefore, first, know the mathematical concepts in the OAR test carefully.

Even if you feel that your math base is strong, you should still review the basic concepts first. This will help you better understand advanced mathematical concepts. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time.

4. Practice daily

After analyzing the concepts, the next step is to make a daily study plan. Make a good daily study plan, start early, and read a little each day. After a while, you can gradually increase this amount of time.

By spending 30-45 minutes each day reviewing one section of the math concepts, your mastery of the material and your self-confidence will increase.

5. Find the best way to prepare yourself

If you are just starting and do not know where to start studying math for the OAR test, there are many books for beginners that can help you.

There are many ways to prepare for the OAR test, including taking prep courses and using prep books.

If you are looking for books to help you learn the OAR math part of the test, here is a complete list of useful books for you.

Also, some test takers use a private tutor to speed up their learning, but because this method is not economical, you can replace books that guide you like a good tutor.

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6. Memorize formulas well

In the OAR math test, some formulas are provided for some questions, but not all of the required formulas are provided.

So you have to memorize many simple but important formulas during the test. Of course, do not worry, trust your brain.

If you practice enough, you will easily remember many of these formulas on the day of the test.

You can also prepare a sheet of important formulas and review them regularly. This will make you remember the formulas quickly on the day of the test.

7. Take the simulated test

Participating in simulated tests is a very important factor in reducing your stress on the day of the main test.

These tests are very useful for you to get acquainted with the type of questions of the main test.

All factors influencing the test should be the same as the main test.

The problem of lack of time is one of the main problems of test participants. Therefore, in simulated tests, pay special attention to the test time.

In the last week leading up to the test, you should take more simulated tests.

8. Register for the OAR test

The Officer Aptitude Rating (known as OAR) test is a subset of the larger Aviation Standard Test Battery (known as ASTB).

To register for the ASTB test, you must go to a US Navy Recruiter. At this center, your eligibility to register for the test will be checked.

If you are qualified, you will be referred to a recruiting officer in your area. This recruiting officer will complete your registration for the test.

9. Take the OAR Math test

The test day will be a decisive day for you, so try to be at the test center at least 30 minutes early to reduce stress.

You must bring your ID card and Social Security card with you on the day of the test to verify your identity.

Do not take personal items with you.

You also do not need to take a calculator because the OAR test does not allow you to use the calculator.

The OAR Math Test consists of 20 to 30 multiple-choice questions and you have 40 minutes to complete this part of the test.

Be aware of time, but do not let stress over time management cause you stress. Whenever you have severe stress, wait a moment and take a few deep breaths and start again.

Since the test is a Computer Adaptive Test, the answer you give to each question will determine how difficult or easy the next question is. Also, once the answer is selected on the CAT, it cannot be changed.

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Here are some common questions about the OAR math test:

What is on the OAR test?

The OAR includes the first three subtests of the ASTB test: the Math Skills Test (MST), the Reading Comprehension Test (RCT), and the Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT).

What is a good score on the OAR?

The average score for the OAR is in the range of 40 to 60.

Is the OAR multiple-choice?

Yes, The OAR is a multiple-choice test that consists of 3 subtests.

What does OAR stand for?

 It is short for Officer Aptitude Rating.

Do you get a calculator on the OAR?

You should not bring a calculator with you on the test day. OAR is designed so that you do not need a calculator.

What kind of math is on the OAR?

The math section includes Number Sense and Operations, Algebra, Data, Statistics, And Probability, Geometry, and Measurement.

How many times can you take OAR?

You are allowed to take the test up to three times in your lifetime.

Is the OAR timed?

The OAR will take between 1.5-2 hours to complete.

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Have any questions about the OAR Test?

Write your questions about the OAR or any other topics below and we’ll reply!

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