5 Best GED Math Study Guides

5 Best GED Math Study Guides

If you are planning to take the GED math test, then you need to invest in the right study guide.

With so many options available in the market, it can be confusing sometimes to pick the book that’s as per the current format and helps you excel in the exam. If you’re in the same boat, then don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

The top 5 GED Math Study Guides that can help you prepare for the exam are:

1- GED Math Made Easy: Study Guide to Ace Your Test with Key Points, Examples, and

GED Math Made Easy stands out as a stellar resource for individuals preparing for the GED
Mathematics test. This book is part of the esteemed Math Made Easy series, known for its
user-friendly approach to teaching complex mathematical concepts.

The book meticulously covers essential topics like Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages, ensuring
comprehensive preparation for the exam. Its structured progression from simple to complex topics aids in
solidifying the learner’s understanding, making it ideal for both beginners and those looking to refresh
their skills.

GED Math Made Easy

GED Math Made Easy offers a unique blend of theoretical explanation and practical
application, with numerous examples and practice problems that reflect the actual GED exam format. This
approach not only prepares students for the test but also equips them with mathematical skills applicable in
real-world scenarios.

Some key features of this book include:

  • Detailed chapters on a wide range of mathematical topics relevant to the GED exam
  • An interactive and practice-oriented learning approach
  • Clear, step-by-step explanations of mathematical concepts
  • A variety of practice problems to test and reinforce understanding


  • Comprehensive coverage of GED Math topics
  • Incremental difficulty level, suitable for all learners
  • Interactive learning style with ample practice problems
  • Clear and straightforward explanations
  • Real-world application of mathematical concepts
  • Effective preparation for GED Math test


  • May need supplementary materials for advanced learners
  • Focused primarily on fundamentals, which might be repetitive for advanced students
  • Highly structured approach may not suit self-directed learners who prefer a more exploratory style
  • Emphasis on practical applications over theoretical discussions could be less appealing to those
    interested in the theoretical aspects of mathematics

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2- GED Maths for Beginners: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Preparing for the GED Math Test

Students, who feel anxious or lost when seeing the maths section of the exam, should go for GED Maths for Beginners book.

This book allows students to implement the best strategies and methods while preparing for the exam.

The study guide is based on the GED 2023 test and follows a systematic approach to enable students to understand topics from scratch.

You also receive 2 sample GED Maths tests to help ace the exam. Besides, you can practice around 8,000 questions with varying levels of difficulty.

The guide also offers online video classes, a summary of all GED formulas, and smart tips from experts.

Some of the benefits of this book are:

  • The book’s contents are completely aligned with the GED 2023 test.
  • Covers everything you need for the GED Math Test.
  • The tutorials and examples are step-by-step so that beginners can easily understand the concepts.
  • It includes two complete and realistic GED Math tests that will fully prepare you for the GED Math test.


  • Great Layout
  • Excellent study guide all together
  • Tips and proven strategies from experts
  • Decent coverage of all GED Math concepts
  • Ample practice questions
  • Over 8,000 online practice questions
  • Well-described answers
  • Preferred by aspirants

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  • Doesn’t cover all GED subjects (it’s a GED Math Prep book)

3- GED Math Test Tutor, for the 2022 GED Test, 2nd Edition

GED Math Test Tutor offers the best methods and techniques for solving problems and makes the learning process a whole lot easier.

The content of this guide covers everything that’s included in the Maths test. Just like the above 2 books, you get 2 sample practice tests to help you prepare for the exam.

Besides, diagnostic pre-tests provided in this book will strengthen your concepts and make your weak areas turn into strengths.

The provision of in-depth solutions to problems will also help you understand concepts to the core.

Some of the benefits of this book are:

  • Provides diagnostic pretest and two full-length practice tests
  • Focused coverage for the Ged mathematical reasoning test
  • Includes hundreds of hints, shortcuts, and exercises to reinforce key points


  • Targeted subject review
  • Perfect for GED test-takers
  • Diagnostic pre-tests
  • Two complete practice tests
  • Detailed answer descriptions
  • Value for money

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  • It’s not easy for most test-takers to understand the book for self-teaching.
  • It does not have a step-by-step guide and explanations for each problem.

4- The GED Tutor Book: GED Study Guide 2022 All Subjects with Practice Test Questions

The GED Tutor Book is a perfect amalgam of practice questions, in-depth explanations, effective tips and tricks, and everything you require to pass this exam.

It includes a lot of GED practice questions and has simple solutions that can be easily understood by aspirants.

Using this book will help you reduce your anxiety about the GED test because by reading this book you can greatly master the basics of the test.

Some of the benefits of this book are:

  • Includes test-taking tips to help you reduce your test anxiety
  • Provides a detailed review for all subjects of the GED test
  • Contains practice questions to help you find your weak area
  • Provides detailed answer explanations to Figure out where you went wrong and how to improve


  • Straightforward instructions
  • Thoughtful design
  • Best tips to reduce test anxiety
  • Skill-building GED Practice Test Questions
  • Detailed answer explanations
  • Economical price range

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  • The concept review is not in-depth

5- GED Math Test Prep: The Ultimate to GED Math + 2 Full-Length Practice Tests

If you feel you need a perfect study guide that provides step-by-step instructions for every GED Math topic, then buy this comprehensive GED Math Prep book.

In addition to covering questions on different concepts, the book also offers numerous GED practice questions in multiple-choice and grid-in forms.

Feel free to practice 2 sample tests and ascertain your strengths and weaknesses accordingly. GED Math Test Prep can be your key to success in the GED test.

Some of the benefits of this book are:

  • Content 100% aligned with the 2023 GED test
  • Includes targeted review to study only what you need to know
  • Includes a step-by-step guide for all GED Math topics
  • Contains abundant Math skills-building exercises to help test-takers approach different question types
  • Has 2 full-length practice tests with detailed answers


  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Concise and to the point content
  • Remarkable Explanations
  • 2 full-length practice
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Reasonable price

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  • Doesn’t cover all GED subjects (it’s a GED Math Prep book)

GED Math Study Guides Comparison Table (2023)

RankTitlePublisher# of PagesPractice testOnline materialPrice
#1GED Math for beginnersEffortless Math Education207 pages2 full-length practice testsYes$17.21
#2GED Test Prep Plus 2022Kaplan Publishing780 pages2 Practice TestsYes$19.97
#3GED® Math Test TutorResearch & Education Association368 pages2 complete practice testsNo$18.88
#4The GED Tutor BookAPEX Test Prep274 pagesIt includes practice testNo$18.99
#5GED Math Test PrepEffortless Math Education227 pages2 full-length practice testsYes$12.99

The Best Books to Ace the GED Math Test

Original price was: $22.99.Current price is: $14.99.
Satisfied 94 Students

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The Perfect Prep Books for the GED Math Test

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