10 Tips for Advanced Studying Mathematics

10 Tips for Advanced Studying Mathematics

The methodology of learning subjects is different. Students find the most productive ways to study their favorite one when performing tons of assignments. So we have the good news as you don’t need to find your own approach because we’ve prepared ten tips for advanced studying Math that will make you a pro in such a subject. So let’s dive in!

1. Identify Your Weaknesses and Work on Them

It’s impossible to be a pro in all areas of Math, and it’s okay when you struggle with trigonometry or something else. And the crucial step in your path to advanced Math is identifying weaknesses and trying to beat them.

So remember what tasks are the most difficult for you. Which ones make you raged and upset? Pay attention to them.

You can ask your teacher or tutor for help. As an option, your buddy can teach you to solve unclear problems. Or it’s possible to choose self-education, but we’ll talk about it below.

2. Solve Extra Problems

It’s good when you solve all problems that your teacher gives. But the fact is, when you work more, you get better results. So ask your teacher for more problems and solve them on weekends or when you have a free minute.

Of course, it doesn’t matter that you have to study Math 24/7 as such an approach will lead you to overwhelming. Instead of doing so, take study breaks and try to avoid overdoing solving problems.

How to detect that it’s time to stop doing Math? Your body will tell you about it. For example, when you try to ponder how to prove the theorem, it will be difficult for you to think at all. So it’s a sign that you need a rest!

3. Communicate With People Who’re Better Than You in Math

Other people can give you advice, teach you something. It’s okay when you discuss a problem with your buddy, but what about communicating with a person who is already a pro in your subject? Such communications are useful, especially when you talk to several people, as they have their own problem view. And by collecting different opinions, you’re taught to think out of the box.

When your tutor and teacher give you different examples of proving the theorem, you can see their train of thought. It’s possible to choose the one that appeals to you most.

What About a Tutor?

Well-qualified tutors can help you solidify your knowledge and upgrade in Math. Some students hire multiple tutors on each subject, but it’s a waste of money as when young people spread on different things, they don’t achieve their goals in any area. So focus on the tutor on Math and do classes with such a specialist.

Tutors always have appropriate education and a license that enables them to teach people. Top tutors cost a deal of money, but you get the best results after working with them.

But keep in mind that the most important thing in your studying is your willingness. So if you don’t want to be a pro in Math and do it because you have to, you can have even ten tutors and study with them every day, but results won’t come. So enthusiasm is a crucial thing in the process of learning Math.

4. Create a Mathematics Dictionary

Math, like any subject, has its own terms that are required to know. In some cases, students even learn theorems by heart! So it’s important to have a dictionary where you’ll write new terms for you and theorems that you need to memorize. Of course, you can highlight some words and phrases and make notes where you want to add new information.

You should write all new terms and learn them regularly as it will be difficult to memorize them in one day, especially on the night before exams when your body is tense, and you feel stressed.

5. Consider Self-Education

Self-education is a key to a pro in any subject. Thus, you can visit some websites that offer problems and examples of their solving. Exploring such websites, you’ll see additional information that helps you pass exams.

But practicing self-education, don’t forget about the main tasks that your teacher gives as studying on websites is only an addition to your classes with the teacher. It can’t be your main way of preparing for exams and learning Math.

6. Don’t Spread on Different Subjects

The main reason why some people don’t achieve what they want is their spreading in different areas. And if you want to be advanced in Math, your task is to forget about subjects that you don’t need.

‘But I have to cope with them!’ you say. Okay, but there is a good solution for you! For example, if you don’t want to spend time writing papers, you can delegate such a deal to a professional essay writing service. In 2021, the market is full of them, e. g. the Proessays writing service or MidtermGuru writing service.

7. Always Look at Examples

Your teacher and tutor give you examples of how to solve problems or to prove theorems. It’s better to have them before your eyes when repeating the topic. So it’s cool if you have a notebook with examples and systematize them on themes. Such a notebook will be your helper when you struggle with a certain problem and can’t ask a specialist for help.

Don’t forget about highlighting important moments and making notes. Of course, you can clarify difficult aspects and write additional information to them.

8. Systematize All Information

As we’ve mentioned systematizing above, there is a sense in talking about it. Some students have one notebook for all areas on the subject:

  • theorems;
  • terms;
  • exercises.

Such an approach is wrong as it’s like having all materials in your computer without keeping them in folders. It seems that you have a lot of useful materials, but you can’t use them. And what do you do in this case? Right! Collect data in folders.

Imagine that notebooks are your folders. It’s important to keep different information in different notebooks to orientate quickly when you need proper information. Some students write words like ‘Theorems,’ ‘Dictionary,’ ‘Exercise,’ etc. Such a procedure helps them avoid confusion in their notebooks.

You decide on your own whether it’s worth making beautiful sketches, using incredible handwriting, and decorating your notebook or not as some students don’t want to spend time adorning their notebooks. They think that it’s a ‘waste of time.’

9. Focus on Concepts

Math is a sequential subject. It means that you can’t move to another topic while you don’t thoroughly understand the previous one. Of course, some students try to understand themes as quickly as possible, and it seems that they know all Math, although they have been studying it barely multiple months. Don’t get upset when looking at such students as their approach isn’t true. As a rule, they fail exams as they haven’t perceived all the information thoroughly.

The best bet for you is sequential and unhurried studying when you try to learn the ins and outs of the topic, solve problems on it, and only then move to another one. You should know what place the topic that you’ve learned has in the field of Math themes. So don’t hurry. 

10. Review Mistakes

People are taught about their mistakes, so it’s a good idea to detect your mistakes and review them. You can do it on your own or ask your teacher or tutor for help. As we said above, you can ask both of them as they give you different points of view.

Such a tip is related to the previous advice. The deal is that when you review your mistakes and try to correct them, you improve multiple characters and skills;

  • sense of purpose;
  • critical thinking;
  • the ability to finish your deals.

Also, by checking mistakes and analyzing them, you memorize the most difficult ones. And you might have a problem where you made mistakes or the same one. And the fact is, you’ll remember the process of solving.

Final Thoughts

We hope that such tips will help you become a pro in Math. It will be better if you combine such tips and turn them into habits as only habits work at a long distance and make people winners. So breathe out and just study!

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