How to Study Math Effectively?

How to Study Math Effectively?

Mathematics is considered the queen of sciences, the whole world teaches her and the whole world is afraid of her. Did you know that more than 60% of students have problems with this subject?

Algebra and geometry terrify many, not to mention tests and exams in these subjects. In sophisticated times you can use different technologies like paper formatting online but for the math.

We have compiled a list of tips for you to learn math effectively and easily.

Many students claim that they receive much lower than expected grades for independent, tests and exams. And this does not always happen due to a lack of knowledge. Sometimes the wrong psychological mood and anxiety play a huge role.

We asked experienced mathematics teachers to advise students on how to learn math and prepare for testing their knowledge. And that’s what they say.

Write cheat sheets

First, you thereby consolidate the material passed. And, secondly, spurs for the schoolboy – the best calming. In no case do not use them during the exam/control/test.

But the very fact that a note to the solution of the equation is hidden under the insole of the left shoe invigorates caffeine more strongly.

Study the wording

We assure you with almost one hundred percent certainty: you know how to solve the problem. “I do not understand” in most cases refers not to the process of addition/subtraction, but to the unexplored concepts of the terms “addition” and “subtraction”.

Carefully read the conditions of the problem

You have 3 coins for a total of 1 hryvnia. One of them is not Thursday. What kind of coins are these then? Here it is the same as with the terms: a simple solution is veiled by cunning wording. Here’s how: when is the easiest time for a black cat to walk in the door? The associative series is as follows: if the cat is black, then at night. No. Mathematics is not an association, mathematics is logic. It is easier for a cat to enter when the door is open. Whether she is black or spotted with a red ear.

Don’t ignore “social” math

An old and still relevant anecdote: “It’s been ten years since I finished school, and I’m still waiting when I need sines and cosines.” Yes, this is often the case. Formulas and theorems linger in the head for a short time, if the professional activity is not related to numbers.

But “household” mathematics – is with us for life. And it would be good to be able to calculate utility rates, and interest on a mortgage loan; know how to save when choosing an ISP or ordering a taxi.

There are similar tasks in textbooks, and you can learn to solve them without leaving home. Your parents are experts in life mathematics, they have to solve something every day. So ask them to teach you this necessary wisdom.

Set your priorities correctly

Suppose there is very little time left to prepare for the test and you understand – the whole course of mathematics can not be overcome. In this case, choose the easiest of those topics that will be on the control, and focus on them. Solve only certain types of problems. And you will receive a positive assessment.

Overcome the barrier of fear

Remember the main thing: mathematics is simple. And if you do not understand something, then you are not clearly explained. Maybe you don’t have the best textbook in the world. Or there are 30 people in the class, and the teacher is not physically able to give time to everyone personally (to facilitate teaching, we recommend equipment for math classes). Alternatively, they fell ill and missed several lessons.

But although all three reasons are at once, not because of them you become “stupid”, but because of fear of them. Don’t be afraid. Think: who benefits from turning math into a scarecrow? Not you exactly. And if it is not profitable for you, why selflessly be afraid?

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