Top 6 Travel-Friendly Teaching Supplies for your Portable Classroom

Top 6 Travel-Friendly Teaching Supplies for your Portable Classroom

There are many circumstances that allow a teacher to take their job online and have the freedom to travel.

Online jobs are flexible and allow you to work wherever you need or want, and still reach your students effectively.

However, it will require some necessary supplies to ensure you maintain a strong internet connection, lighting, a stand to keep your computer at the appropriate height, and access to other supplies you use regularly.

1- laptop stand

The first thing to address is a portable laptop stand that can travel easily, is lightweight and has adjustable height.

One that sits on a tabletop is more easily portable than a full stand with wheels, so it is important to consider how and where you will be traveling to find the right fit.

The ability to tilt the stand can ease tension on the wrists and make it comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

2- lighting

When using a laptop for video calls or meeting it is important to have the correct lighting so your face is visible to all attendees and this may require a portable lighting solution.

There are many options for a portable lamp, so choose one that is small and light, or can fold down to a small space, and if you travel to areas where you will be staying in tents or small mobile homes a light source that can be charged to work without electricity can be useful in many circumstances.

Traveling is easiest when items have multiple uses as you can carry fewer things and still travel comfortably.

3- Ethernet cable

To ensure that you maintain a strong internet connection it may be necessary to carry a retractable Ethernet cable to easily access wired internet directly from the modem, an adapter if needed so you can be sure it will work anywhere you need.

In some instances, you will not have access to the modem to direct link or will be unable to work in the same room as the modem, in which case a small wifi extender will boost the signal to your computer.  

4- whiteboard

As with any classroom, a whiteboard is a valuable tool, and a small one that is light and portable will allow you to have it anywhere you go. These are great for showing an example, sharing notes, or offering math and other questions for them to solve.

For your whiteboard to be the most productive it is necessary to have a set of whiteboard markers with you, some are double-ended and will allow you to carry a range of colors in just a few pens.

5- world map

Since you can’t know where you will be attending class or what backgrounds will be available, it is useful t carry a folding world map. This can’t ravel easily and be hung as your background wherever you are filming to offer a consistent background and be less distracting for students.

6- laptop

Yourtop itself is the tool that will do the most for your portable classroom and there are many great options.

A 2 in 1 laptop and tablet offer great flexibility and allow for use in many different ways, and newer computers are much lighter than previous versions, making them easier to carry.

It is important to invest in a good laptop bag or backpack to easily and safely keep your laptop on the move with you.

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