5 Perfect Blue Light Glasses for Online Teachers

5 Perfect Blue Light Glasses for Online Teachers

Electronic screens emit blue light when they are in use and this can potentially increase eye strain, make it harder to fall asleep, and screen usage increases dry eyes as people do not blink as often when using an electronic screen.

To combat these effects there are a few tools to use, such as lowering the blue light on the computer or setting the filter that is already built-in, using eye drops to combat dry eyes, taking frequent breaks, and wearing blue-light-blocking glasses.

There are many brands and versions of blue light glasses available for almost any budget. Teaching online classes has teachers on their computers for several hours each day and the strain on the eyes can be uncomfortable even if it is not causing other damage.

The filter in the blue light glasses should interrupt the rays before they reach your eyes and reduce eye strain, improve sleeping patterns, and are easily put on or removed as needed.

1- ANRRI Blue Light

ANRRI Blue Light Glasses are an affordable option for those on a budget.

They are available in a variety of colors and are basic blue light glasses with a fairly generic fit that may not be comfortable for everyone but they will block blue light.

2- Livho Light Blocking

Livho Light Blocking Glasses have more varied and fashionable styles without becoming expensive.

The composite frames are light and easy to wear for extended periods and come in a two-pack to share or to have a backup pair, or one pair for work and one for school.

These may not be as strong as other filters, but they are useable and have a good beginning price point.

3- Gamma Ray Light Blocking

For a stronger filter that is still an affordable price point, the Gamma Ray Light Blocking Glasses may be the right fit for you.

Suitable for longer periods with their stronger blocking abilities, they have a slight magnification built in to improve the readability of the screen and lower eye strain even further.

4- Gunnar Gaming

Gunnar Gaming Glasses are more shaped for their target market of men but are also suitable for women who don’t mind a less-than-ideal fit.

They are light to allow for wear over an extended period of time, as they are built for use for hours in a row.

They have a stronger blue light-blocking filter and are created to be comfortable.

5- Life Art Anti-Eye Strain

The Life Art Anti-Eye Strain Glasses are created in a more fashionable shape and frame.

Suitable for teaching full days and being in front of a screen for most of that time these include a blue light test card with the light so you can test their effectiveness.

These will block most of the blue light in a comfortable way without becoming heavy or uncomfortable.

If you are a teacher who already wears glasses many can now be made with a blue light blocker added while they are being made with the appropriate prescription. With many options available there is sure to be a set for almost anyone.

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