How Is the HiSET Test Scored?

How Is the HiSET Test Scored?

The High School Equivalency Test or HiSET is a new way for people who didn’t finish high school to earn a diploma and get on track for college. Test takers can choose to take the exam with pencil and paper, or using a computer.

The exam has five parts: Science, Math, English, Social Studies, and Writing. All sections are multiple-choice (40 to 50 questions), and the writing section also requires test candidates to write an essay. The HiSET test takes several hours and is not easy to pass.

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Scoring for HiSET is simple. Each question gives one point, which is added to your score with each correct answer. Each multiple-choice section earns you a maximum of 20 points, while the essay section is only six points. Your essays will be graded by humans, instead of automated programming, usually by a team of professionals.

A passing score qualifies as a minimum of 45 cumulative points on the multiple-choice portion (with a minimum of eight points in each separate section) and two points in the essay portion.

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What is a scaled score?

Most of the tests we take in school report a percentage or a raw score – in other words, the right number versus the wrong number. If there is one version of a test, this scoring method works well. But the HiSET test uses multiple versions called forms. Therefore, we cannot make a simple comparison of the right number versus the wrong number because the test you gave maybe a little easier or a little harder than the one sitting next to you. To make it look fair, we use “scaled score”.

A scaled score is a method that makes it easier to compare scores in different forms of the same test. We get it by statistically adjusting and converting raw scores to a common scale. This means that in the easier test form, you need to answer slightly more questions correctly to get a particular scaled score. For a more difficult exam, you can get the same scaled score by answering slightly fewer questions correctly.

Your passing score of 8 does not mean that you have eight questions correct, it means that you have reached a score of 8 on the scale due to the difficulty of the test form you have participated in. It also means that if you make another version of the test tomorrow without further study, you will most likely get the same grade. Scaled scores make it easy to keep tests fair and to support retesting.

What are the different HiSET score reports?

Your HiSET test results are available in a collection of reports.

1- Individual test report:

The individual test report is the second part of the HiSET scoring and is much more information about your skills. When you look at this section, you will find not only your scores for each part of the test but also a full report accompanying the score. These reports show you whether or not you have passed that particular section and what this means for how prepared you are for the workplace or higher education.

2- Comprehensive score report:

When you look at your HiSET scores, you will first see your comprehensive score report. This report lists only the best scores you have received in each section of HiSET and is synchronized with any retakes you do. This score will generally be what you request to be sent to your institution. The comprehensive score report informs you not only whether you did well on the HiSET, but also the number of sections you have completed to date.

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When will you receive your HiSET score report?

You can see your scores between six and ten days for the essay portion of the test and three to five business days after completing the multiple-choice sections. Your HiSET scores are available through your account on the test’s official website, meaning you will have to log in to see them. You will not usually receive them in other ways, such as a snail letter.

However, if you do not see your scores – either because you do not have access to an internet connection or for other reasons – you can contact the test center where your test was held. They will be able to retrieve your scores, regardless of whether you took the entire test at their site or just a portion. The same is true if you can sign in to your HiSET account but are unable to see your scores.

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