How is the ATI TEAS 7 Test Scored?

How is the ATI TEAS 7 Test Scored?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills – the TEAS Test is a standardized test required for pre-admission for those wishing to study in nursing school. This test helps to identify successful students in nursing school and identify people who can think like a nurse. The TEAS test is used in many nursing programs across the country.

The TEAS exam is administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute or ATI. The ATI TEAS® 7 Test is a timed test comprised of 170 questions, and test-takers will be tested on their reading, math, science, and English skills.

To better prepare for the ATI TEAS 7 Test, you need to get acquainted with the scoring system. Here is some information for your study.

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How does the ATI TEAS Test scoring system work?

The ATI TEAS test uses a grading system in which test questions are given a variety of point values. This grading system is known as equivalence. Test takers may not know which questions will receive more weight, so test-takers are advised to complete the test while maintaining the mindset that each question has the same value.

Note that 20 of the 170 questions in the test are used by TEAS staff members for internal purposes and therefore do not affect the examiner’s score. The test-taker cannot identify which questions are for this use.

The TEAS score report will also detail the percentage of questions that were answered correctly for each subsection. This report includes suggested areas that are likely to benefit from additional studying.

What ATI TEAS scores do test-takers receive?

The ATI TEAS provides three different scores on their score report:

  • Total Score – It is your overall score on the test.
  • Content Area Scores – It’s your score on the individual exam sections: Science, Math, Reading, and English.
  • Sub-Content Area Scores – It is your scores on the sub-topics for a particular content area.

Total scores and content area scores are equal, meaning they are adjusted to account for differences among the different test versions. Because these scores are equated, you cannot calculate the total and content area scores from the total scores on your score report (for example, your total score is not an average of your four content area scores).

What are the TEAS passing score?

The fact is – what counts as a good score on the ATI TEAS® 6 Test will vary from school to school. Some schools charge a minimum total score for acceptance. Other schools may receive a minimum of certain points in each content area. Some schools do not even have certain minimum scores.

Likewise, the candidate needs to verify the minimum TEAS scores are required for the schools they apply to.

Although each school’s admission criteria may vary, most schools set the admission score bar at least 60% to 70%.

How long does it take to receive ATI TEAS exam scores?

The TEAS test is available in both electronic and paper forms. Students who take the test electronically can view their results immediately, right after completing the test. In contrast, students who receive the paper version will have their test sent to ATI for review and scoring. Therefore, the paper version of the TEAS test scores takes longer to disclose compared to those who take the digital test. When completed, the scores of the ATI TEAS test will publish in the test-takers schools. TEAS test scores are valid 24 months after taking the test.

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