How to Graph Trigonometric Functions?

We can plot diagrams of different trigonometric functions with a range of their principal values. Learn how to plot diagrams of trigonometric functions by the following step-by-step guide.

How to Graph Trigonometric Functions?

Trigonometric functions are the basic six functions that have a domain input value as an angle of a right triangle, and a numeric answer as the range. The trigonometric function is also called the trig function.

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A step-by-step guide to trigonometric functions graph

Graphs of trigonometric functions have the domain value of \(θ\) shown on the horizontal \(x\)-axis and the range value along the vertical \(y\)-axis.

The graphs of \(sin\:\theta\) and \(tan\:\theta\) pass through the origin and the graphs of other trigonometric functions do not pass through the origin.

The range of \(sin\:\theta\) and \(cos\:\theta\) is limited to \([-1, 1]\). The range of infinite values is presented as drawn beside the dotted lines.

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