Number Properties Puzzle – Challenge 4

Looking for a math puzzle to challenge your brain? Need math challenges and critical thinking problems for your student? If so, then look no further! This is a great math challenge for those who love mathematics and critical thinking challenges. Let's challenge your brain!

Number Properties Puzzle – Challenge 4


In the figure above, if the pattern continues, what is the sum of the values in all of the rectangles on the base? (Sum of 7 rectangles)

A- 121

B- 137

C- 157.7

D- 170.5

E- 176

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The correct answer is E.

Continue the pattern and add the values of the 7 rectangles in the base of the shape.
3.2 + 18.3 + 43.5 + 55 + 39 + 14.7 + 2.3 = 176

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