Geometry Puzzle – Challenge 65

Who can solve this math puzzle? This is a great math and critical thinking challenge to help you develop your creative thinking!

Geometry Puzzle – Challenge 65


If a side of a square is increased by \(20\%\), what percent of the area of the square will be increased?

A- \(20\%\)

B- \(40\%\)

C- \(44\%\)

D- \(100\%\)

E- \(200\%\)

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The correct answer is C.

Area of a square = side times side.
Let X be the side of a square. Then, the side of the square is \(X^2\).
If a side of a square is increased by \(20\%\), then the area of the square will be increased by 44 percent:
\(1.2X × 1.2X = 1.44X^2\)
\(1.44X^2\) is 0.44 or \(44\%\) bigger than \(X^2\)

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