Best Math Solver Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Math Solver Apps for Android and iPhone

Math is one of the subjects where every little step must be understood to get to the next step. With that being said, it could be quite easy to get lost and face road bumps when practicing math. Lucky for you!

Technology is on your side. Many apps can solve the simplest to most complex problems, with a picture or typing the problem on your phone. So don’t give up! Here are some of the best math solver apps for Android and iPhones.

Cymath (iPhone)

Cymath is a highly slept-on math calculation app. With a combined power of artificial intelligence and heuristics. Cymath can help guide students through the problem to complete understanding. Cymath has an app.

The online site works just as well! Another nifty feature is that students can take pictures of the problem. On the site, students can use examples to practice problems.

Cymath is determined to help students understand the “how” and “why” behind the answer. This is the key to learning to master math.

The tools learned through Cymath will enhance student skills and solidify a strong foundation for years to come.

Mathway-  Android, iPhone, iPad

Mathway problem solvers are probably one of the best-calculating apps out there. So if you’re a student struggling with math, download this app ASAP! The app covers basic topics like Basic math problems, Geometry, algebra, calculus, and trigonometry.

There are two versions of this app. The free version solves the problem with fewer steps. The $ 20-a-month premium subscription service will fully solve math topics and give a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to get the answer. The topics glossary makes it easy to find a specific topic for more practice.

Download on Mathway iTunes

Geometry solver²

Need help calculating geometry math problems. Well, geometry soler² is simple to use in the app. That features 2D and 3D shapes and allows users to enter the variable value and solve the problem. The app uses properties of shapes. It’s an interactive app. A student can learn geometry and use this app.

The limited version includes advertisements, and a single, one-time purchase will unlock all the features of the app.

Download on Geometry solver² iPhone and iPad

Wolfram|Alpha app

Wolfram|Alphais a computational app. The app has a vast and expansive knowledge archive. Where you can plug in an equation and instantly get the answer, it’s kind of like Google without the actual searching for the answer part because Wolfram Alpha will compute the answer for you. You can ask this search engine so many different questions, and you will get the answer fast.

Download Wolfram|Alpha Android 

Mymathy: Math Problem solver

This awesome app is designed for kids. Mymathy comprises multiple-choice questions and quizzes with bonus problem-solving features to help students understand math creatively and visually.

Math problem solver app gives kids a great head start and topics like Geometry, arithmetic, algebra, statistics, calculus, and trigonometry. Think about it by the time your kid gets to middle school or the ninth grade. They already have a  strong understanding of math: the earlier, the better!

Mymathy has many great features that enable students to check and revise their work. Users enter a math problem, and the app solves the problem for them and explains the answer.

Download on iPhone, Mac, iPod Touch

Microsoft math solver

Microsoft math solver is an online problem-solving website that produces detailed solutions. The topics covered are algebra, calculus, and other math problems. The app offers a couple of interesting things.

The online website provides exciting features like an algebra calculator to calculate Solutions and equations and outline them step-by-step—algebra resources to help you learn about the different math topics.

Microsoft math covers elementary arithmetics, quadratic equations, linear equations, statistics, and trigonometry. This app is free for Microsoft users and iOS devices.

Download Microsoft Math Solver Android


Photomath is great for parents, kids, and students. Just take a picture of the problem, and the app will create an answer. The app covers elementary math, high school math, and college-level math. Photomath works well with long equations too.

Download on iOS devices and Android.

Maple calculator

It doesn’t matter what kind of math you’re working on. Maple Calculators can do it all and more. Start by taking a picture of the equation and select the mathematical operation you want to perform. Then, use the built-in graph editor to manually enter the problem and see how the graph shifts gradually. These apps make it easy and fast to study.

Use the calculator for solving math, algebra,  advanced algebra, science, and engineering questions. The app is extremely versatile and easy to use and there are so many features that Maple Calculator has to offer. Upload the expression into Maple. For further visualization options that will help you grasp the problem.

Still, confused about how to solve the problem? You can use Maple’s calculator function to take a picture of the problem combined with Maple’s tutors and other built-in learning tools for further assistance.

If you need to enter a long transcription into Maple and want to avoid transcription errors, they take a picture of the problem and upload it instantly into Maple. So, for all of your most challenging math questions, check out Maple? It is truly a versatile app. 

Download on iOS, Android, Google


Gauthmath is a great math problem solver app that solves mathematical problems. Compute problems instantly with your smartphone camera. Basic arithmetic and advanced calculus are no match for Gauthmath.

The app has a built-in innovative technology that provides step-by-step solutions to help users solve the problem and understand how the problem was solved.

The app has tutors to help guide students through problems and revise their work as well. The fundamental way to use the app is by typing in math problems to generate answers. Next, the app will provide a detailed step-by-step explanation of how the answer was reached.

Download GauthMath on iTunes

Download GauthMath on Android

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