ASTB Math-Test Day Tips

ASTB Math-Test Day Tips

The Aviation Standard Test Battery-E (ASTB-E) is used by the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps to select candidates for Navy and Marine Corps pilot and flight officer programs and the Navy Officer Candidate School.

The ASTB-E is a multiple-choice computer test involving seven subtests. These subtests measure the capabilities that are essential in an aviation environment.

The ASTB-E Math section consists of 20 to 30 multiple-choice questions that assess content in the following areas:

  • Algebra
  • Data, Statistics, and Probability
  • Number Sense and Operations
  • Geometry and Measurement

You have 40 minutes to complete the Math section of the ASTB test. The ASTB exam does not allow you to use a calculator, but some formulas are provided for some questions.

When you practice, study, and research the ASTB math concepts you will be fully prepared for test day. Here is a comprehensive list of simple strategies to facilitate ASTB.

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The Night before the Test!

Eat a well-balanced meal

It is a proven fact that what you eat will affect your physical and mental performance. Avoid coffee and donuts or pizza and soft drinks the night before the test. Grilled fish with steamed vegetables, mixed fruits for dessert, and decaffeinated drinks will be great in all cases. Fatty and heavy food can make a person lethargic after eating. No alcoholic beverages should be consumed.

Get ready for the morning

Put your essentials or pack your bags the night before. Bring at least two forms of ID, your admission or confirmation ticket, a pencil, an easy-to-eat snack, bottled water, and any medications you need.

Map out your route

Draw your route to the exam center the night before. If you drive, remember the traffic, especially if you are driving during rush hour.


Do something fun like watch a comedy show, start a contest, or play a photo on Instagram. Laughing relaxes you down, reduces stress, and helps you sleep better.

Set alarm

Set your alarm early enough to have time for breakfast and do not rush in the morning to get ready.

Sleep enough

It is best to get at least 7-8 hours of your usual sleep. Note how much sleep you get in the days before the exam and how many hours it takes to refresh.

On Test Day!

Follow your normal routine

If you wake up every morning watching TV while you are ready, do not stop because of the ASTB! Likewise, if you have never had a cup of coffee, do not start in the morning. Doing a daily routine allows you to focus on your main goal.

Eat a healthy breakfast 

Eat breakfast with protein, fiber, and good fats such as eggs, avocados, oatmeal, whole-grain toast, – all of which help keep your brain full and healthy.

Dress appropriately

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes and wear layers. Also wear comfortable, breathable shoes. Even if you are sitting still, we do not want you to be distracted by tight clothing.

Many test locations keep their air conditioners high. You want to remember that if the test center is very cold, bring a sweater because you never know how cold or hot the test site is.

Leave home early

To make sure you arrive on time and avoid last-minute panic, go a little earlier than usual. If you arrive early, take some time and relax.

During the Test!

Believe yourself

Confidence can help a lot. As you wait in the test center, visualize yourself writing an exceptional article and knowing the answers to all the math, reading, and writing multiple-choice questions. Many athletes use the same method before competitions. Your performance will reflect your expectations.

Use your time wisely

Schedule the amount of time you will spend on each question commensurate with their value. For example, if a question is worth 30% of the marks, you should spend 30% of your time. Try to use all the time in the ASTB test and do not forget to take some time in the end to review and correct your answer.


If you are so nervous that you are empty, you may need a little rest. You certainly can’t get up and move in the middle of an experiment, but you can wiggle your fingers and toes, take four or five deep breaths, or pose for a beach or other quiet place.

 Read all the answer

For multiple-choice questions, read all the answer options before marking the answer, even if you think you know the answer when you encounter it. You may find that your correct answer is not necessarily the best option.

Rely on your first impressions

Most of the time, the first answer that comes to mind is the correct answer. Do not change the answers unless you are sure the answer you have chosen is incorrect.

Do not stay on the problem

Do not stay on the problem that you are stuck with, because time is a factor. Mark it, reject it and come back to it later after finishing all the easier problems. Not only will this save you time, but you may find that you can deal with it differently after a while. If you are still stuck, go back to the following: 1) Use the removal process, and 2) Choose your final answer by choosing your gut

After the exam!

Do something fun and relaxing

After taking the test, try not to talk about how to do it. If you feel you have performed poorly, it is out of your control right now. Reward yourself for your hard work by doing something you enjoy, such as exercising or watching your favorite TV show.

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