How to Prepare for the FSA Math Test?

How to Prepare for the FSA Math Test?

Beginning in 2015, the FCAT test was replaced by the Florida Standards Assessments (FAS).

It is the state’s testing program and is based on state curriculum standards in core subjects including:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

The tests measure the progress of students from 3rd grade to 10th grade. The test window for FSA for the year 2021 is as follows:

  • Grade 4 to 10 ELA Writing and Grade 3 ELA Reading: April 1–12, 2021
  • Grades 4–6 ELA Reading and Grades 3–6 Mathematics: May 1–14, 2021
  • Grades 7–10 ELA Reading and Grades 7 & 8 Mathematics: May 1–29, 2021

FSA Mathematics sessions are administered over two days. Test session lengths are as:


  • Grades 3–5: Two 80-minute sessions
  • Grades 6–8: Three 60-minute sessions

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How to Study for the FSA Math Test?

Maybe you are one of those students who always thinks that their math is weak and now they have to take the FSA test as well.

Taking the math test is always a daunting challenge, but if others have succeeded, you can too.

We are also here to guide you step by step to prepare for the FSA Math Test by following simple but important tips.

1. Choose your study program

There are many prestigious FSA Math books and study guides that can help your students prepare for the test.

Most major test preparation companies have some offerings for the FSA, and the short-listing of the best book ends up being a puzzling phenomenon.

There are also many online FSA courses.

If you think your student is good at math and just need perfect FSA Math workbook tests, then one of the following books is a perfect choice for your student:

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The following books are also helpful for students who just need to brush up their math skills and prepare for the FSA Math test:

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FSA Math FREE Resources:

2. Think of math positively

You may agree with many people that the hardest part of any test is the math part. If so, we tell you that it’s up to you how you look at the math.

You can look at it as a burden and run away from learning it or look at it as a challenge that paves the way for success.

If you think positively about math, it will be easier for you to understand math concepts.

It’s your decision, if you want to get rid of math learning as soon as possible, you will not understand it properly, while if you patiently take the time to learn math concepts, success will be waiting for you.

3. Make the concepts clear

The purpose of the FSA Math Test is to determine how well you are doing in math. So try to show real improvement. Real progress in math is achieved through a step-by-step study.

You must first know and study the basic concepts of mathematics. Then include advanced concepts in your study plan.

Never disrupt this order in the study, otherwise, you may not understand the math content properly.

4. Practice daily

No one is unaware of the impact of a daily plan and you should not be unaware of it. Having such a program can change your learning process. So get started right now and make a good study plan for yourself.

Do not postpone studying math lessons until the last month. Start soon and include a small amount of math content in your daily study plan. Remember that the key to your success in the test is a daily practice.

5. Find the best way to learn

If you have not yet started studying for the FSA Math Test, you may not know where to start or what resources to use to prepare.

There are many prep books that you can use and there are many prep courses that you can take.

There are many online resources that you can easily access.

You can also hire a good tutor, which can speed up your learning.

Here you can find a complete list of books you need to prepare for the FSA Math Test. These books are specifically designed for your exact needs.

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6. Use the FSA math formulas wisely

For some grades in the FSA test, some formulas are provided in the reference sheet.

For grades 4-7, the formulas are given in the reference sheet, but for grades 3 and 8, formulas are not provided.

Whether the formulas are given in the test or not, it is better to memorize most of the formulas yourself because only some of the required formulas will be provided to you.

This means that you will need to be able to recall many math formulas on the FSA. On the other hand, memorizing formulas will increase your speed on the test.

So make a list of necessary formulas for yourself and have it with you everywhere. Gradually memorize them to stay in your mind.

7. Take simulated tests

Participate in the simulated tests to learn more about the type of questions and conditions of the main test.

All conditions and factors affecting the training test should be the same as the main test.

You can take written or online practice tests.

Analyzing test results is one of the most important parts of practice tests to identify strengths and weaknesses. Turn your weaknesses into strengths with more practice.

8. Take the FSA Math Test

As you know, preparing for test day is very important. On the day of the FSA test, try to arrive at the test site a little earlier than scheduled.

Only bring the necessary items with you on test day.

In the FSA test for grades 3-6, the use of a calculator is not allowed. 

A calculator is also provided for grades 7 and 8 for computer-based, and if the test is paper-based, you must bring an acceptable calculator.

Taking unnecessary personal items, especially electronic devices such as a cell phone, camera, or tablet, even unknowingly, will cause your test to not be scored.

Some FSA tests, depending on the grade and subject, are done on paper and others are given on a computer.

On average, test sessions will last 80 to 120 minutes. Some are completed in one day and some last for two days.

The Florida Department of Education offers a quick guide to answering computer-based test questions and answer keys on its website.

The FSA Math Test consists of two 80-minute sessions for grades 3-5 and three 60-minute sessions for grades 6-8.

During the test, be aware of time management, but do not worry about it, because worry may cause more time wasted.

If you get stressed during the test, wait a moment and then start again. Be relaxed and do your best! Answer all the questions and do not leave the question unanswered.

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Here are some common questions about the FSA math test:

What type of test is the FSA?

The FSA test measures students’ progress from grade 3 to grade 10.

How is the FSA scored?

FSA test scores are classified into five levels: Level 1 is inadequate, Level 2 is below satisfactory, Level 3 is satisfactory, Level 4 is proficiency, and Level 5 is mastery.

Can you opt out of FSA?

No, there is no legal way to opt out of this test.

What does FSA stand for?

It stands for Florida Standards Assessments.

How do I check my FSA score?

There are two ways to log in to view information online:

Students can log in and view test scores with their student number and district password.

Parents and guardians can enter student information and the student’s assigned Personal Identification Number (PIN) and then view test scores.

How can I improve my FSA score?

With sufficient study, daily practice, and taking practice tests.

How many questions are on the 3rd grade FSA?

There will be a total of 60-64 questions on the FSA for math in grades 3, 4, and 5.

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