Writing Functions

a function is a relation between a set of inputs (called the domain) and a set of outputs (called the range). Here you will learn more about writing a function.

Writing Functions

A function is a process or relation that associates each element ‘\(a\)’ of a non-empty set \(A\) with at least one single element ‘\(b\)’ of another non-empty set \(B\). Each function consists of input and output. An input is a variable that enters a function, which is also called an independent variable or domain. The output is the variable that comes out of the function, and it is also called the dependent variable or range.

A function in math can be represented as:

  • a set of ordered pairs
  • an arrow diagram
  • a table form
  • a graphical form

How to write a Function with an Ordered Pairs Table

Step 1: Analyze the first set of input-output pairs. Identify one solution using addition and another using multiplication.

Step 2: Verify the solutions from step 1 with the next set of pairs. Repeat this process with additional pairs until only one solution remains consistent.

Step 3: Once a single solution is determined, check all remaining pairs to confirm the rule applies to all of them.

Step 4: Write the function rule as either \(f(x) = x + c\) for addition or \(f(x) = cx\) for multiplication, where \(c\) is the constant used in the established rule.

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