How to Compare Amounts of Money?

You can compare the amounts of money. In this guide, you will learn more about how to compare amounts of money.

How to Compare Amounts of Money?

A step-by-step guide to comparing the amount of money

Don’t forget that when you compare the money it is the same as when you compare numbers. And you utilize relation symbols such as \(<\) (less than), \(>\) (greater than), or \(=\) (equal).

It’s vital to remember what each of these bills and coins is worth so it’s possible to add up the entire amount of money inside each set.

To complete a money problem, you must figure out the whole amount of money for each of the sets and also do a comparison of the \(2\) totals.

Comparing the amount of money-Example 1:

Which picture shows more?


Solution: First, count the \($1\) bills, \(a=$1\) and \(b=$1\). Next, count the quarters by counting up by twenty-fives, \(a=25\) quarters, and \(b=50\) quarters. Next, count the dimes by counting up by tens, a \(= 40\) dimes, and \(b = 10\) dimes. Next, count the nickels by counting up by five, \(a=5\) nickels and \(b= 0\) nickels. Finally, count the pennies by counting up by ones, \(a=1\) penny and \(b=1\) penny. Picture a is \($1.71\). Picture \(b\) is \($1.61\). So, picture \(a\) shows more.

Exercises for Comparing the Amount of Money

Which picture shows more?





  1. \(\color{blue}{B}\)
  2. \(\color{blue}{D}\)

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