Graph to Grid: How to Completing a Table Using Information from a Graph

Graphs are visual representations of data, while tables provide a structured way to list that data.

Graph to Grid: How to Completing a Table Using Information from a Graph

Sometimes, we might have a graph with all the information but need to translate that into a table. In this guide, we’ll explore how to extract data from a graph and use it to complete a table accurately.

Step-by-step Guide to Completing a Table Using Information from a Graph:

1. Understanding the Graph: 

Begin by examining the graph. Identify the type of graph (line, bar, pie, scatter plot, etc.) and understand the axes or segments.

2. Extracting Data Points: 

For each point on the graph:

   – Determine its x-coordinate (horizontal axis) and y-coordinate (vertical axis).

   – Note down these coordinates as they will correspond to the values you’ll enter in the table.

3. Filling the Table: 

Using the coordinates you’ve extracted:

   – Fill in the rows or columns of the table with the appropriate values.

   – Ensure that the table headers match the axes labels or the data represented in the graph.

4. Checking for Completeness: 

Ensure that you’ve captured all the data points from the graph in the table. Also, check for any patterns or trends in the table that align with what’s shown in the graph.

5. Interpolating or Extrapolating: 

If the table requires values that aren’t directly provided by the graph:

   – Interpolate (estimate values within the range of the graph) or

   – Extrapolate (predict values outside the range of the graph) based on the trend of the graph.

Example 1: 

Given a line graph showing the growth of a plant over days: 

Day 1: 2cm 

Day 2: 4cm 

Day 3: 6cm 

Complete a table with columns “Day” and “Height (cm)”. 


| Day | Height (cm) |


| 1   | 2           |

| 2   | 4           |

| 3   | 6           |

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Example 2: 

Given a bar graph showing the number of books read by students in different grades: 

Grade 7: 10 books 

Grade 8: 12 books 

Grade 9: 15 books 

Complete a table with columns “Grade” and “Books Read”. 


| Grade | Books Read |


| 7     | 10         |

| 8     | 12         |

| 9     | 15         |

Practice Questions: 

1. Given a scatter plot showing the scores of students in a test over various study hours, extract the data points and complete a table.

2. Given a pie chart showing the distribution of a budget for different departments, extract the percentages and complete a table.

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Note:  The answers to the practice questions will depend on the specific data points provided in the hypothetical graphs.

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