Top 10 Tips to ACE the SSAT Math Test

Top 10 Tips to ACE the SSAT Math Test

If you want to succeed on the SSAT math test, simple but important tips and strategies can greatly improve your performance during the test. Join us in this article to give you the top effective tips to ace the SSAT math test.

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1- Read carefully

One of the most common mistakes in SSAT math is misreading a question, which is usually due to speed reading. Be sure to spend a few more seconds on each math question to avoid careless mistakes.

2- Underline important information

Underline the words and numbers that show the quantities, relationships, and calculations (twice, less than, product) that you need to answer the SSAT question. Words like “not” can be easily forgotten and completely change what you are supposed to find in the question!

3- Start with easy questions

Some math questions are easier. Some students think that they have to answer difficult questions. But the best way is to answer math questions that are easy for you. By doing this, you have been able to earn significant points with the least effort in SSAT. You can also be more confident in answering difficult math questions.

4- Avoid mental math

The most common mistake students make is minor calculations that lead them to choose the wrong answer option. These careless errors can be avoided if students write all their calculations. There is no benefit in doing mental math! Students should always write down each step and calculation so that they can easily backtrack their work when they are checking over their answers. Just writing all your work reduces the number of careless errors by 75%, which improves their SSAT math score.

5- Plugin answer choices

This effective strategy will help you save time when answering SSAT math questions that include variables or figuring out a particular quantity in a word problem. The choice of answer is often in numerical order from smallest to greatest. The best strategy here is to start from the middle in choosing the C answer. You should plug the answer option into the problem to see if it works. If so, you got the answer right! Otherwise, you can go higher or lower, depending on the outcome of plugging in the middle number.

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6- Estimate

Remember, this is a multiple-choice test. All answers are now available, and you must choose the correct answer. It means that you do not need an accurate answer for every problem. If the numbers are farther apart in the answer choices, then you only need an estimate of the correct answer to pick the correct answer choice. It saves time without work out the exact calculation.

7- Skip questions 

Because there is a point penalty for each incorrect answer on the SSAT, you must have a strategy for which questions to skip and which to answer or guess. If you do not understand the question correctly and cannot eliminate the answer options, you should skip the question and leave it blank. If you have time at the end of the session, you can go back and spend more time on the questions you skipped. However, if they can eliminate at least 1 or 2 answer options, you have to guess rather than leave it blank.

8- Check the answer again

After completing the solution, look back at what the question was asking you to find. Make sure your answer is in line with the question.

9- Keep your mind calm during the SSAT test

Stress is normal for testers. However, remind yourself not to worry. If the SSAT test is difficult, the same is true for other testers. The important thing is that you have done your best, and now unnecessary anxiety is ruining everything. If you are anxious during the SSAT session, you can utilize the test break methods and pause the test for a few moments. Take a deep breath, stay in this position for a few seconds, then exhale completely and repeat up to 3 times.

10- Be aware of your time

Time management is something that almost everyone who takes the SSAT should be aware of, and it can be a particular issue in SSAT math. Not getting all the SSAT math questions can make it difficult for you to get the grade you need, so pay attention to your time during SSAT math.

The best way to get faster in SSAT math is to do a lot of exercises. As you answer more practice questions, you will become familiar with the style of questions asked in SSAT math, and the types of tricks that test authors try to use.

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