How to Develop a Love of Math in Your Child!

To help children get high scores in math exams, you must develop a love of math in your child from the early stages. Here is a list of tips for those who want their kids to love mathematics.

How to Develop a Love of Math in Your Child!

Parents commonly encourage teaching their children to read; however, it is rare to know that parents realize the importance of earlier math training.

Most children from any generation are generally terrified by this subject and see it as something very difficult.

Without realizing it, we use math, at least the basic math, in everyday life, such as counting, measuring, etc.

Therefore, it is important to develop a love of math in children because, like it or not, they will need math in their future life.

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Why does it matter for Kids to develop a love of math?

Undeniably, children will eventually learn basic math, such as subtracting, adding, dividing, and multiplying.

Basic math laid the foundation for advanced math. The sooner children learn math, the better foundation they will have.

Starting kids off early with a solid foundation in math can pay off huge dividends down the line.

Once they have mastered basic mathematics, they can move on to more complicated topics, setting them up for success in higher-level math classes.

Without a strong foundation, it will be difficult to reach your desired outcome, just like building a house.

Therefore, it is essential to introduce math early to children.

It does not have to be a strict conventional math lesson; the goal is to make the math fun and meaningful by observing the surroundings.

Here are some tips on developing a love for math in your children and motivating kids to learn math.

How to Develop a Love of Math in Your Child?

1- Show them a good example of loving math

many adults, probably including you, say they hated math back in school. The key is simple, show a good example to your kids, so they do not take after their parents for hating math.

Help them to improve a positive attitude toward math and show them you are confident to complete the daily tasks encountered in math, such as counting money, balancing the checkbook, or completing the tax return.

You can also tell them the importance of math in most professions.

Love Math

2- Encourage the children to use math in daily life

learning math does not always have to be on paper; encourage your children to be able to solve math problems outside the school.

For example, in the grocery store, ask them to compare which one is cheaper than the other things.

In a toy store, you can ask them to count the discounted toy price and how long it takes them to save up.

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3- Know the learning standards

math learning standards change occasionally. Therefore, it is important for parents to know and be familiar with the current standards.

If the parents know the standard, this will be much easier to complement the math skills outside the school.

Parents can access the current standard through the school’s website or ask the teacher.

4- Children love to play, then play math games with them

Many child games incorporate math, such as math puzzles, chess, checkers, dominoes, Yahtzee, etc.

Math games can be fun and educational at the same time. Therefore, we recommend you play math games with them regularly.

If you are busy during the day, try finding an educational video game that involves math.

5- Try the single numbers method

this method is suitable for young children who do not understand numbers.

Then, singing a song out of it can be a good way to introduce math to them.

Somehow, the musical pattern can develop math skills in children as they will easily memorize numbers and tables.


Even though most parents naturally encourage their kids to speak, read, and write but leave math skills in the last line to learn math.

Like any other basic skills, it is also important to introduce math skills to children and help them improve with regular practice, encouragement, and support.

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