Adult Math in 10 Days: The Most Effective Adult Math Crash Course

Adult Math in 10 Days The Most Effective Adult Math Crash Course

Embark on a transformative journey with "Adult Math in 10 Days", a revolutionary resource meticulously designed for adults eager to boost their mathematical skills in a short time. This book is structured as a 10-day intensive course, each day dedicated to a different essential math concept. The learning experience is further enriched with an online companion, providing an abundance of supplementary educational materials.


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Inside the book, you’ll discover:

  • Day 1: Begin with Fractions and Mixed Numbers, progressing from fundamental concepts to practical operations.
  • Day 2: Master Decimals and Integers, tackling everything from basic comparison to complex operations.
  • Day 3: Delve into Ratios, Proportions, and Percentages, and learn to apply them in everyday situations.
  • Day 4: Explore Exponents and Variables, focusing on simplifying expressions and grasping their practical uses.
  • Day 5: Deepen your understanding of Expressions and Variables, honing skills in manipulation and evaluation.
  • Day 6: Address Equations and Inequalities, acquiring techniques to solve a range of mathematical problems.
  • Day 7: Gain insights into Lines and Slopes, employing graphing techniques to visualize mathematical relationships.
  • Day 8: Navigate through Polynomials, covering everything from basic operations to advanced factoring.
  • Day 9: Unravel the concepts of Geometry and Solid Figures, learning to calculate dimensions and understand geometric properties.
  • Day 10: Dive into Statistics and Functions, focusing on data interpretation and the workings of functions.

The accompanying online course features:

  • Interactive Lessons and Guides: Simplified, step-by-step instructions to demystify complex math concepts.
  • Detailed Examples: Real-life examples that demonstrate the application of mathematical concepts.
  • Video Tutorials: Visual aids that reinforce learning and clarify challenging topics.
  • Worksheets and Exercises: Practical exercises to cement understanding and track your progress.
  • Comprehensive Exercises: A diverse range of problems to ensure a deep and thorough understanding of the material.

Adult Math in 10 Days” is more than just a book; it’s a complete educational system designed for adults looking to refresh their math skills for personal growth, to support their children’s education, or to advance in their careers. This crash course is your key to unlocking a newfound confidence in your mathematical abilities.

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