10 Full Length SHSAT Math Practice Tests: The Practice You Need to Ace the SHSAT Math Test
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10 Full Length SHSAT Math Practice Tests The Practice You Need to Ace the SHSAT Math Test

If you’re a student gearing up for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) in New York City, then you know just how critical it is to ace the math section. The SHSAT Math Test is a challenging assessment that can make or break your chances of securing a seat in one of the city’s specialized high schools. But fear not! We’ve got the perfect tool to help you succeed – "10 Full-Length SHSAT Math Practice Tests."

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One of the key features of this comprehensive resource is that it provides an authentic test experience. Inside, you’ll find ten meticulously crafted full-length practice tests that closely mirror the format and content of the actual SHSAT Math Test. This means that as you work through these practice tests, you’ll become intimately familiar with the types of questions you’ll encounter on test day. No surprises, just confidence.

Detailed Explanations

Every question in this workbook is accompanied by a thorough explanation. This is crucial because it not only gives you the correct answer but also provides insights into the mathematical concepts being tested. These explanations are like having a personal tutor by your side, guiding you through each problem step by step. They also offer valuable strategies to tackle similar problems, ensuring you not only know the answer but also understand how to arrive at it.

Progress Tracking

Tracking your progress is essential when preparing for a high-stakes exam like the SHSAT Math Test. That’s why “10 Full-Length SHSAT Math Practice Tests” includes a scoring guide and performance analytics. You can easily gauge your performance across the ten practice tests and identify areas where you excel and others that might need more attention. This feature allows for targeted and efficient study sessions.

Concept Reviews

Before diving headfirst into the practice tests, this resource offers concise reviews of essential math concepts. These reviews ensure you have a solid foundation before tackling the more challenging problems in the practice tests. It’s like having a quick refresher course right at your fingertips, preparing you for success.

Test-Taking Strategies

Success on the SHSAT Math Test goes beyond knowing the material; it also involves effective test-taking strategies. This book provides valuable insights into time management, question prioritization, and problem-solving techniques. Learning these strategies will help you maximize your score on test day, giving you the edge you need to stand out.

Diverse Question Pool

The SHSAT Math Test covers a wide range of mathematical topics, from algebra and geometry to statistics and probability. “10 Full-Length SHSAT Math Practice Tests” ensures comprehensive preparation by including questions that span the entire spectrum of these topics. You’ll be well-equipped to handle any question that comes your way.

Benefits of Using “10 Full-Length SHSAT Math Practice Tests”

Boost Confidence

By familiarizing yourself with the test format and question types, you’ll walk into the exam room with the confidence needed to perform at your best. No surprises, no anxiety – just a focused and confident test-taker.

Targeted Practice

Identify your weak areas and turn them into strengths with repeated practice and review. With ten full-length tests, you’ll have ample opportunities to fine-tune your skills and build mastery.

Achieve Mastery

Mastery of the SHSAT Math section is within your reach. With this resource, you’ll have the tools and practice needed to achieve the highest possible score.

Ideal for 8th and 9th Graders

10 Full-Length SHSAT Math Practice Tests” is tailored for 8th and 9th graders who are on the path to securing a seat in one of New York City’s specialized high schools. Whether you’re just starting your SHSAT preparation or seeking that extra edge to boost your score, this indispensable resource will guide you every step of the way.

In conclusion, success on the SHSAT Math Test requires thorough preparation and confidence in your abilities. “10 Full-Length SHSAT Math Practice Tests” offers you authentic practice, detailed explanations, progress tracking, and test-taking strategies needed to excel on test day. It’s your ticket to securing a spot in one of New York City’s prestigious specialized high schools.


  1. Is this book suitable for students of all math skill levels? Yes, this book is designed to help students of varying skill levels, from those looking to improve their math skills to those aiming for perfection on the SHSAT Math Test.
  2. Can I use this book for self-study, or do I need a tutor? While this book is comprehensive and self-contained, having a tutor can provide additional guidance and support if you need it.
  3. Are the practice tests in this book up-to-date with the latest SHSAT Math Test format? Yes, the practice tests closely mirror the format and content of the most current SHSAT Math Test.

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