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My name is Matt and I am an experienced Math teacher, tutor and online coach, specializing in helping students who are working on math courses.

I have a Master’s degree, more than 10 years of experience in teaching and tutoring and I understand that Math can be an obstacle for many kids, who can suffer anything from mild frustration to abject fear at the very thought of it.

As a tutor I am always looking for new ways to make my lessons fun and interactive, while making sure the student grasps each concept and is able to reconcile themselves with the subject.

My in-depth knowledge and experience of the subject means that I provide an efficient learning environment. This, coupled with my innovative and insightful approach, strong work ethic and overall commitment to my students, means that I consistently deliver higher standards than expected in most cases.

I also treat each student as the individual that they are and can make valuable improvements to any math student through an exclusive and continuous enhancement path for each one.

I can teach all Math courses from first grade to college level. I try to create a supportive environment to help students to solve their problems and I emphasize the process of understanding and solving the problem more than finding the answer to the questions. I spend a significant part of the class time explaining the issues and reinforcing the learning outcomes.

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