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Dear students/ parents,
I am an experienced, high-qualified tutor with a long record of success helping students to overcome difficulties in math and greatly increasing their confidence in these subjects. I have been teaching both in-class and one-on-one classes.
My over five years of experience came from the love of learning in childhood -that helped me to receive a gold medal in country-wide test -and the joy of teaching in adulthood.
I enjoy teaching; it is my best talent. I understand that math is not a “favorite subject” to a lot of students. In my classes, I personalize learning plans that generally make students to learn better and fill their knowledge gaps. Working both in classroom or one-on-one in a tutoring situation gets past the negative block that students have in my classes, help them to fully understand the concepts, and hope to help them realize the fascinating logic inside of the math world.

In the class

I understand that students have different talents. Each of them learns concepts in different ways. In my classes I use different ways of teaching to make the students fully understood. I am a patient teacher, and in my opinion there isn’t any question as a “ stupid question.” I would be my pleasure to explain a question even multiple times and ways.

I try to achieve a fine balance between guiding and directing the student’s thoughts on the topic with following the student in their own line of thinking of the subject. The student needs to learn to have confidence in his/her own thoughts on the subject and in his/her own ability to master it. For this purpose, students need to fully understand the concepts, and also learn how to play with the numbers. Nowadays, students are quite relying on the calculators for even simple calculations. My job is to teach them how to use their mind to solve the questions, and put away the calculators as much as possible. My ways of teaching help students to play with the numbers and increase their solving speed on the exams and tests. That’s why I can truly help your students.

Teaching Method

The study plan generally has the same pace as the school schedule. The general class structure is listed below, and there would be some changes based on the student’s needs to excel their knowledge efficiently as possible.

  • Reviewing and answering students’ questions about the past assignment at the beginning of the classes.
  • Checking the previous assignment’s answers.
  • Teaching new materials.
  • Practicing new material and exercises from the textbook and ongoing homework assignments.
  • Giving new worksheets for the next class.
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Elementary Math

Elementary math is an essential course for the following future math courses. The concepts need to be clear for the students by giving examples. Sometimes little children need some motivations to keep up their good works. I can motivate your student with my positive attitude and patience to help them understand the concepts, and also getting his/her ready for the exams.

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II

Mastering algebra is important for moving on to nearly all other types of math in middle school and high school. Every level of math is built upon the basics, so every level math is extremely important. I can help your student to solve algebra like a pro.

Geometry and Trigonometry

These subjects are fun subjects if it’s taught by a knowledgeable tutor. Geometry and Trigonometry are considered the art of mathematics. Geometry is the subject that can be solved by multiple ways. I try to broaden my students’ mind to think with a different perspective. I also teach shortcuts to improve solving pace for time management.


Calculus is the subject that connects student’s knowledge in all previous math courses like algebra, trigonometry, and etc. In my classes, I review important concepts in previous courses to make sure there isn’t any gap in knowledge before starting the new material. I let the student explore in concepts and find the reasons behind them. I also teach shortcuts to improve solving pace for time management. Calculus needs understanding and that goal can be achieved by good tutor. I’m absolutely dedicated to helping your student reach this goal.

Math is not only useful in our math classes, but also it is essential in our daily life. We are all surrounded by the data. The main purpose of learning math is to analyze that data around us to have better judgments in economy and politics to make wise decisions.

I’m committed to help your students to overcome the struggles in math. The key to master on a subject is to believe in breaking the limits and trying hard to achieve it. I’m here to help your student to improve his/her confidence to believe in his/her talents.

Best regards,