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My name is Afsheen and I have a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and tutoring certificate from QAL UK LIMITED with many years of math tutoring experience in all grades from elementary to college.

I have been helping students to teach subjects in fun way rather making it cumbersome for them, and actually, I believe in teaching to fish rather giving students a fish.

I have seen that Math and statistical skills are helpful in decision making in personal and professional life because analytical skills get developed from an early age and knowledge of Math plays a vital role in it. I encourage my students to find their problems before each section and assign some time to

resolve those problems.

I am familiar with various methods of teaching such as learner-centered and curriculum-centered and I believe that my students have to learn the concepts of the subject not just to memorize it, but I have my own method of teaching that is the result of years of teaching at all levels from

elementary to college.

In teaching I follow these steps:

1. Identify the student requirements: Learn, practice, help with homework

2. Identify the student problem: Some students know exactly what their problem is in a lesson and very fast with practice and teaching techniques, their problem will be solved. But others do not and take some time to pinpoint the problem and then fix that problem with a plan.

3. Start teaching by solving some examples and explanation them

4. Solve various exercises on the subject taught until solving the problem of the student

Teaching methods should vary according to students’ ability Most of the students are great at motivating themselves. But, some of them need a push to catch up or sometimes they need a little help to accelerate beyond their current curriculum. I will begin with an assessment of each student’s abilities before making a plan.

I am here to help you or your children to learn Math through fun activities.




– $50 per 1 session – 1 HR
– $450 per 10 session – 1 HR ($45/hr)
– $800 per 20 session – 1 HR ($40/hr)
– $80 per 1 session – 2 HR ($40/hr)
– $740 per 10 session – 2 HR ($37/hr)

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