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My name is Milad Barmak and I am a Math tutor with more than 4 years experience teaching, and showing students why they shouldn’t be afraid of numbers, equations and word problems. I am a Bachelor Degree holder in Civil Engineering. Being myself a student, I understand the challenges that students go through when it comes to dealing with intimidating subjects, and I have the means to help them overcome fear, so they can harness their true abilities. I have tutored more than 30 students over the past 4 years with a very good success rate and I have taught them from many of different top schools.

My mission is help you to fully understand any math concept!

I give specialized attention to the specific needs of each of my students, to help them understand the concepts that most frustrate them, since I understand that students learn at their own pace, and according to their own thought process that makes sense to them. I love math, sharing it with others and helping them understand it or learn to enjoy it makes me happy.

Among the subjects that are my specialty, and I will guarantee that I can help you with, are listed below:

·         Elementary to high school Math courses,

·         Algebra I and Algebra II

·         Geometry,

·         Trigonometry,

·         Calculus,

·         SAT Math,

·         ACT Math,

·         GRE Math,

·         and GMAT Math

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Milad Barmak