January 14, 2016

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Dear Students / Parents

I am an experienced, highly qualified, expert math tutor, having taught both in a classroom and one-on-one. I have been helping students overcome their fears and doubts about mathematics for over a decade. I provide an individualized custom learning plan and the personalized attention that makes a difference in how students view math. I'm also the author of more than 100 Math learning books, including "GED Math Workbook 2018", "Math and Critical Thinking Challenges" and "100 Days to Better Math Skills". Though math is my specialty, I also have extensive experience tutoring students in SAT and ACT prep. 

My love of teaching comes from a lifelong love of learning. With a double Master’s Degree, I know that hard work and dedication to learning can pay off. As a college instructor and tutor for the last few years, I have had the pleasure of helping numerous of students realize their own potential and see their grades and test scores improve.

Working with me as your personal tutor is a pleasant experience. I enjoy teaching students of all ages. From my experience, each student has unique talents, inherent ability, and the potential to learn. They generally do not have any difficulty understanding the materials, they only need to find their best learning style and a strong motivation, which I hope to help them discover in my classes.

How I can help your student ...

My focus is always on understanding concepts rather than simply knowing how to get the answers. I am able to identify gaps in student understanding and come up with a plan to fill those gaps and lead the student to success. Whether we are working on Pre-Algebra or college level mathematics, one of my goals for each session is to keep the student challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign challenging homework after every lesson and provide periodic assessments and progress reports. I will work with my students to find the method that best suits their learning style. I will show them ways to LEARN and not just MEMORIZE math. 

No matter which subject you or your child is finding challenges with, I will help raise your or his / her test score. I have tutored children with F’s and D’s and see them improve to B’s and A’s. I am an excellent tutor and I focus on understanding each student’s own learning goals and how he or she likes to work.

All students can learn to do Mathematics!

The significance of math is astronomic. In addition to in school and on standardized tests (like PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT and ACT), math is vital in our careers and for our lifetime success. It is required for many college degrees and in almost all jobs now. It is the key medium that trains your brain to think logically and make rational, sound decisions.

Unlike most other subjects in school, Math is very sequential. If students do not grasp an idea from pre-algebra, it can haunt them throughout their high school career. I can determine what building blocks are missing in a student’s math learning and turn those weak areas into strengths. Mathematics is more conceptual than knowledge-based. With many subjects, a student can easily prepare for a test by memorizing facts from a review sheet. With math, however, students become stuck as they hit concepts they cannot comprehend on their own.

As an experienced Math classroom teacher, I know that Math can be tough to teach in a group setting. While teachers do the best they can to explain Math topics in a way and at a pace that works for every student, given the different ability levels of students, this can be quite challenging to do. Most students are reluctant to ask questions in a group class for fear of “looking stupid.” But, in my private math tutoring session, my students feel comfortable asking about whatever they need, and they can be assured that it will be explained in a way and at a pace that optimizes their learning. I believe there is no such thing as a stupid question. I help students wrap their minds around challenging math concepts by explaining them in a way that is clear, concise, and compassionate.

Help your student fall in LOVE with Math ...

My number one priority is always to make sure my students understand the math concepts in such a way that they are able to perform extremely well on school mathematics tests. I make this possible by:

– Reviewing and teaching material that student has struggled with on past assessments;

– Helping students with ongoing math homework assignments;

– Practicing mathematics comprehension using exercises from textbooks and a variety of online math exercises; and

– working ahead in the math class syllabus so the students are not overwhelmed when they are taught new material.

The “common denominator” of my tutoring is that I listen to what my students need, and I provide them with customized instruction to teach them as efficiently and effectively as possible. I have experience in using many different teaching approaches. I can work with students to find the approaches that are ideal for them. I understand that no two students learn in exactly the same way. Some learn best by listening to a lecture or watching problems being worked on the board. Some need the discipline of listing the steps in the algorithm. Some students grasp a concept through visuals and manipulative and others learn best when movement is involved with their learning.

It is advantageous for a tutor like me to use the strategies that have been developed with these different learning styles in mind. This enables students to learn and retain knowledge in a way that best matches their personal combination of learning styles.

Math Subjects I tutor

Elementary Math

It constitutes the building blocks of all math operations. Let me solidify your student’s learning of numbers, measurements, facts and more. I make sure your child is prepared for the Test. I target specific issues based on practice tests to make sure your child is ready. I help students learn test taking tips and tricks that will make them more confident in themselves. I will provide focused, one-to-one instruction tailored to your child’s evolving needs, incorporating the math textbook and materials from his or her classroom.


It takes a lot of practice and patience as your student begins more involved operations. From pre-algebra through college level algebra, I can ensure each student remains confident and ready for the next step.


It introduces new ways to think of shape, space, symmetry, and position. I will help guide your student through these new ideas with ease.


Beyond my strong Mathematics tutoring competency, I am an expert in helping students study for the Math part of standardized tests.


It encompasses both pure and applied math. As your student learns about sins, cosines, and tangents, I can help make sense of it all.

Let's help your smart kid keep up and get ahead!

I’m passionate about teaching and know how to help students master math challenges at every level. I understand that parents all want to see their children excel in school. Most of students are great at motivating themselves. But, some of them need a push to catch up or sometimes they need a little help to accelerate beyond their current curriculum. When it comes to building math skills, there is no reason to postpone giving your child that push!

I’m an enthusiastic teacher and I’m committed to helping students catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than helping students realize that they can break what they believe to be their limits. I love helping students figure out how smart they are and how to use their intelligence to succeed. I believe that learning math is similar to learning a new language. In both cases, repetition is key!  As a dedicated teacher, I am always excited to help my students understand math — and maybe even learn to love it!

Whatever your mathematical needs and whatever your time constraints, I will be able to provide you with the very best private math instruction available in Dallas/ Fort Worth area. I would love to be a resource for you and your family this school year!



Help Students Learn to LOVE Math!

In this video, I review some common questions about how to help students enjoy learning Mathematics.

“I have figured out what works in Mathematics teaching and, more important, what doesn’t”

Simply the Best Way to Teach Math!

Why choose me as your student’s Math tutor?

  • “My Effective and Innovative Teaching Method can help your student progresses towards your goals faster than ever before.”
  • “I break down the barriers that prevent  your student from learning Math fast and effectively.”


My Key features:

– Highly Experienced College Instructor with a Double Master’s Degree.

– Author of more than 20 Math learning Books including "Math for Super Smart Students".

– Dedicated Instructor with Extensive Experience in Developing and Delivering a Personalized one-on-one Math Lessons.

– High-Energy and Result-Oriented with a Successful Record of Accomplishments in Teaching Math courses.

– More than 8 years of Test Prep teaching Experience.

– Use the most updated Training Material.

– Clear Teaching Methodology.

– High Student Satisfaction Rate!


Why It Really Works ...

1. Customized lessons

When your students study with me, everything will be customized to their learning needs. I continuously assess their Math skills to design a learning program which will help them to achieve their goals fast!

2. Real-time learning

I pinpoint your child’s learning needs, meet them where they are, and take them where they need to go. I use my unique assessment process to determine exactly what your student knows and what they need to learn. 

3. Feedback

In every lesson, I describe the lessons in details and repeat them until I’m confident that your student has learned the lessons.

4. Complete flexibility

My teaching system adapts to the students and their learning needs at all times! If you feel you need to focus on special problems to study then it's no problem. Whatever and whenever you need to study, that is what and when we will focus on in the lessons.



 Classes are available individually and part of bundles as follows.

- 1 Hour Class        – $80.00
- 20 Hour Bundle – $1400.00


1 session per week (2 hours each) - $600
2 session per week (2 hours each) - $1150
3 session per week (2 hours each) - $1650

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Learn more about courses I offer ...

 Elementary and Middle School Math

Help your SMART kid becomes even SMARTER

SAT Math

I have helped numerous students break 700 on SAT Math. 




 Algebra I & II 

BEST Algebra Tutoring That Gets Results fast!

ACT Math

I can help your student gets even a PERFECT score of 36!






I make the world of geometry as painless as possible for my students.

GMAT Quantitative

Score in the 99th percentile on GMAT Quant





 GED Math

My innovative teaching method makes mathematics so easy.

GRE Math

GET a Score of 170 on GRE Math!




Some of My Students say ...

  • “Always on time!!!” I’m so happy to recommend Mr. Reza as a Math tutor, he is been working with my son for two weeks reviewing different concepts in Algebra. My son feels so confident after each lesson he always says “Wow no body has taught me math as easy to understand as Mr. Reza”
    Ana Bell
    Antonio, TX on 2/7/15
  • “My daughter had a great experience” Reza reviewed the fundamentals of Algebra II with my daughter. She thought he was very nice and very patient. We will definitely use his services again.
    Dr. Monica Rankin
    Plano, TX on 12/11/15
  • “This Tutor is 2nd to none.” I studied for the GMAT on my own for several months. I learned a lot, but I wasn’t doing well on the quant section at all. I’ve been seeing Reza for a few weeks and my math deficiencies are coming up and being addressed. We’re making significant progress every week and I’m confident that I’ll do well when I retake the exam.
    Brandon C.
    – Brandon, Fort Worth, TX on 3/3/15
  • Reza has been working with my son on honors algebra I to help him with some fundamentals he was having trouble with in the first few weeks of school. After a few sessions, my son is much more confident and is able to handle problems much more effectively. Very patient tutor.
    Stephanie B.
    – Stephanie, Plano, TX on 10/10/14
  • Reza is helping study for the math portion of the PSAT. He is very knowledgeable and patient with our son. My son’s result went from 60% to 93%. Thank you for working with him!
    Rea Mrocheck
    Frisco, TX on 8/19/15
  • Reza has been teaching my son for the last 3 weeks. He seems to enjoy the classes. He is always on time and reliable.
    – Shiby, Allen, TX on 11/7/14
  • Reza was an excellent tutor all the way around. He was great about being available for setting up sessions and was very prompt with his responses to my questions about setting them up. He demonstrated a mastery of the topic. I was very impressed with Reza and would definitely recommend him.
    – McCrae, Kaufman, TX on 5/23/13
  • Reza was exactly the person I needed. He is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. I can work at my own pace and he allows me to pause the lesson when I recall some detail or question so I can address it immediately. Then I can concentrate on the lesson again. Reza is an excellent instructor but he is also a kind person. I hope he will be helping me for many years. When I feel comfortable with my skills again I would like to explore some math topics. He is very versatile and knowledgeable in several subjects.
    Fort Worth, TX on 5/2/15
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